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Research suggests that up to half of all older people living in residential aged care services fall every year. Age is a risk factor in falls, with residents over 80 at the highest risk. Other risk factors include dementia, stroke history, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. With falls contributing significantly to fracture rates, increased functional decline and even disability and death, falls prevention is an area we are passionate about.

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More about our Falls Prevention Alarms Equipment range

Pelican’s range of Falls Prevention Alarms are designed to alert the individual or nursing staff to a fall or potential fall, thereby reducing risk. As well as being widely used in general aged care, our products are particularly popular for use for people with dementia.

Dementia affects as many as half the people in residential aged care facilities. Dementia is associated both with a higher risk of falls and with a higher risk of hip fractures from falling. The reasons for this include the physical changes associated with Alzheimers. There is a large range of physical abilities reported for people in the early stages of this disease, with some more susceptible to early gait and balance changes. Fatigue, poor judgement, and visual-spatial problems are all disease related factors that make people with dementia more likely to fall.

An important benefit of Pelican’s range of Falls Prevention Alarms is that because we manufacture the Alarms on site, we can troubleshoot most problems and supply spare parts if required. This means that in the rare event that a Plug, Contact Sheet or Alarm Box should malfunction outside the warranty period, it is possible to replace just the part in question.

Many individuals with dementia do not get enough exercise, even when physically able and this can exacerbate muscular weakness and poor balance. Individuals with dementia may also forget the limitations to their physical abilities, for example forgetting that they cannot rise from a chair and fall as a result. The Pelican Chair Alarm, Bed Rail Alarm and Bed Alarm are particularly useful in this situation as they can alert nursing staff when someone who shouldn’t be attempting to stand up alone is doing so. Often, having the alarm sound is enough for the resident or Patient to remember their limitation. All our Falls Prevention Alarms can be used either with a Sounding Alarm Box or with a plug that can be used with an existing nurse call system.

Our range of Floor Alarms is made of very thin lino material to avoid causing trips and falls and, like all of our Alarms, are supplied with a sign alerting staff that the alarm is in position. These include the Doorway Alarm, Floor Alarm and Floor Alarm – Lino. The Doorway Alarm can alert staff if residents have left a room, for example a lounge or bathroom, and may be in danger of falls from walking in other areas.

We offer a range of products to minimise the risk of falls including Bed Side Wedges and Bed Side Bumpers, Chair Belt for Sliders, Hip Protectors as well as our range of Falls Prevention Alarms.

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