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Infection Control in health care and aged care is crucial to protecting people from harm. Elderly people and those who are already sick are more susceptible to contracting infections, even from common organisms. Older people may have chronic diseases which predispose them to infection, or may simply have a weaker immune system due to their age.

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More about our Infection Control Equipment range

All people working in hospitals or residential aged care are responsible for playing their part in Infection Control. This includes hand hygiene, cough etiquette, personal protective equipment, aged care mobility supplies handling of medical devices as well as good practices for cleaning spills and sanitary handling of food, waste and linen.

When handling medical or Patient care devices, Infection Control can be optimised with thorough cleaning of reusable items, maintaining good cleaning and tracking procedures for products which are single Patient use, or by using single use disposable items.

We have a wide range of heat sealed items covered with waterproof hospital grade medical vinyl. The seams for these products are all internal where possible. This method of construction provides an impervious cover for foam products and allows for thorough cleaning and disinfection. Being able to clean and reuse items in this way provides a cost effective way to manage Infection Control. Several of our cushions, including the Sacral Cushion, Pressure Relief Memory Foam Cushion and Comfort Kneeling Pad are available with a sewn or heat sealed cover. Where heat sealing is used to cover a cushion that is designed to be sat or knelt on, the cushion contains an air reservoir, allowing it to behave like a normal cushion when pressure is applied, rather than ballooning out. Such ballooning could create an unstable surface, be uncomfortable or even cause the seal to burst.

In addition to cushions, our range of heat sealed items includes Bed Wedges for positioning and support, Bed Rail Protectors, Bed Steps, and Sand Bags. Bed Wedges are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for many applications. They can also be custom made to your specifications.

We have developed items specifically for use during and after certain procedures. An example of this is the Neurological Head Holder, with optional Wedge for stabilising the head during endovascular procedures. Heat sealed items include Leg/Arm Bandaging Supports and the James Leg Elevator to reduce swelling after orthopaedic procedures on the lower limb. The Femoral Positioning Rest, for use during hip replacement operations, is available in heat sealed and sewn covers.

As surgical procedures and post-operative advice change to remain up-to-date with the latest research and techniques, we appreciate that what you are looking for may not be available here. Please contact us with your specifications and we may be able to make a product specially for you.

Our single use items include the Bed Slide Sheet (Disposable). These help a person to move around in bed after an operation. We also have Disposable Tape Measures and Disposable Wound Care Rulers available in packs of 100, which provide an objective way of recording the size of a wound’s margins without the risk of cross infection.

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