Theatre & Post Operative Care

We have a large range of heat sealed wedges and supports that are suitable for holding Patients in position during and after surgery. These items can be wiped clean for infection control. If you do not find what you are looking for here, please contact us directly with your specifications and we may be able to make a product to suit your needs.

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More about our Theatre & Post Operative Care range

Our Products are widely used in operating theatres and post-operative wards in a range of applications. For transferring Patients before and after surgery, we offer a range of Slide Boards as well as a Sliding Trolley Sheet. These are designed to minimise the strain on nursing staff. Frequently, Patients and Carers will be advised to keep an operated limb elevated or in a specific position after surgery. We have a range of arm slings for Patients who need to keep their hand and wrist elevated. This includes the Elbow and Wrist Sling and Elbow and Wrist Showering Sling. We also offer the Shoulder Abductor, which comes in a range of abduction angles and is frequently prescribed and fitted by a surgeon following shoulder surgery.

For leg positioning Pelican Manufacturing offers the James Leg Elevator in High and Low options, used to elevate the leg. We also have a Knee Operation Wedge to keep the knee flexed during an operation. Where the knees need to be kept separated, we have the Leg Adbuctor – Foot to Knee, the Leg Abductor Large (Hip Replacement) and the Leg Knee Abductor. To keep the legs and feet supported and elevated, we offer the Leg Support, Knee/Leg Sling, Heel and Footdrop Bed Support.

During recovery from an operation, Patients frequently require support with moving around in bed and getting in and out of bed. Where turning over in bed is difficult or painful, a Bed Slide Sheet or a Turn Yourself Sheet may help. They are made from materials which slide over each other to reduce friction. The Turn Yourself Pad has a slippery material which helps people turn over by themselves in bed. Our Bed Steps, Bed Ladder and Bed Sliding Strap may help people get in and out of bed independently or at least reduce reliance on a Carer.

We have a range of products to support Patients who may be unable to lift their legs. Where a person simply needs support to be able to do it themselves, we have the Leg Lifter, Leg Lifter for Two Feet and Knee Lifter. These are products using straps which allows them to move their own legs with their arms. Where a Carer needs to move a Patient’s legs, we have the Knee/Leg Sling and Leg Lifter – Bariatric/Oedema.

In an emergency, the evacuation of nursing homes and hospitals as well as public building or homes where elderly or disabled people may be working or visiting, presents some unique challenges. We have a range of ResQ products to evacuate non-ambulatory or unconscious people out of danger, down stairs and over different surfaces. The ResQmat is an evacuation mat that can be stored until needed. It can be carried to a Patient where needed. This has a mini-mattress and pillow, so it is mainly used with frail hospital Patients or nursing homes residents.

The ResQme and ResQpod are evacuation boards that can be stored until needed and carried to where they are required. Like the ResQmat, these are taken to an evacuee who is not able to walk down stairs. Both products are available with a pillow to protect the head.

The ResQsheet is fitted under the mattress, and in the event of an emergency, allows for the speedy evacuation of the Patient while still on the mattress. This comes in different variations to fit standard, trolley, and bariatric size beds, and to slide over vinyl or carpet. There is also a vinyl and carpet version available to fit king single sized beds.

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