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Pelican has a range of physiotherapy equipment designed for physiotherapists in private practice, hospital physiotherapy departments and residential aged care. The products are designed to optimise physiotherapy treatment and support the Patient. The Pelican physiotherapy product range centres around posture, support and rehabilitation.

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More about our Physiotherapy Equipment range

Corrections in posture can make a dramatic improvement to Patient outcomes and comfort, as well as being preventative to injury. Busy schedules and sedentary lifestyles mean that most people spend a significant portion of the day seated. Our range of products to improve and correct seated posture includes Lumbar Rolls. These come with straps to secure them to almost any chair. For those seated on stools, we supply a Back Strap, which comes in either a Lumbar or Pelvic version.

We have a range of Cervical Rolls designed to be used behind the neck by a person lying on their back or side. As well as being comfortable, these help to support the alignment of the cervical spine and reduce pressure on discs and joints. We offer the Cervical Roll in a foam-only version, or with a fabric cover. We also offer a heat-sealed version which can be wiped clean and is popular for use where infection control is a concern.

Pelican offers a Prone Pillow which allows the Patient the versatility of lying prone comfortably on any table or bed. These can be used to convert a bench or table into a prone treatment table or used in home care of acute injuries.

Lower back instability can be extremely painful and debilitating. Among our most popular physiotherapy products are our Back Braces and Sacroiliac Belts. During painful flare ups of lower back instability, a Sacroiliac Belt or Back Brace can be useful. Where instability is confined to the sacroiliac joints, a Sacroiliac Belt is most appropriate. By supporting the sacroiliac joints firmly, the Sacroiliac Belt can reduce pain and the need for analgesia and reduce time away from activity. Our Sacroiliac Belts have thumb loops that allow the wearer good control adjusting the belt.

Pregnant women sometimes suffer from the pain of sacroiliac instability. This can be difficult to treat as pregnancy hormones cause the joints and ligaments to relax. This condition does not usually resolve until after giving birth. Our Sacroiliac Belts can be helpful in reducing the pain of sacroiliac instability during pregnancy. Always seek the advice of your doctor or physiotherapist before using this type of product, as a correct diagnosis and skilled fitting are crucial.

Where instability occurs in the lumbar spine, a Back Brace may be more appropriate. They can be used during a painful flare up or as extra support during activity. As always, consulting a doctor or physiotherapist is crucial to ensure a correct diagnosis and receive professional fitting and advice for use.

To help with positioning people we have a product called the T-Roll. This keeps the knees bent and separated when a Patient is lying on their back. We also have T-Roll Leg Straps if you are using this product with people who need support to remain in this position.

To assist the physiotherapist with their treatments, we offer a Non-Slip Mat and Bed Steps to help Patients safely access the treatment table. The Physio Body Anchor helps to prevent Patients from sliding down the treatment table during traction therapy and works well in conjunction with the Physio Traction Belt.

To help with rehabilitation and the return to activity, we offer a range of products including Therapy Pool Floaties, the Pelican Hand Pad and the Over Door Arm Exerciser. Our Ankle and Wrist Weight Covers allow the weights from a damaged set of covers to be reused in a new cover.

Pelican prides itself on providing affordable, high quality products for physiotherapists and Patients. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for here, please contact us with your specifications and we may be able to have a product made specially for you.

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