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Pelican’s range of Bed Positioning Support Solutions can be used to support a Patient’s body while they sleep, if they are confined to bed, or in any position to maximise comfort and safety. We frequently make custom products for our customers’ unique needs. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, please contact us with your specifications and we will be able to help.

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More about our Bed Positioning Support Solutions range

Most of our Bed Supports are made from foam cut to the required shape. The foam is covered in waterproof and either sewn or heat sealed for easy cleaning and hygiene. The Bed Wedge, for example may be used as a back support between the Patient’s lower back and the headboard. A regular pillow may also be used behind the Patient’s upper back for comfort. If placed under the Patient’s knees, firmly against the back of the thighs, it can be used as an Anti-Slide Wedge. This helps the person to stay in a sitting position and protects Carers from having to frequently reposition the Patient. It can be used to help keep someone who needs to sleep in a lying position, on their side from rolling onto their back. In this case, placing the Bed Wedge up against the Patient’s back will maintain their side-lying position.

For some people the weight or sensation of blankets on their legs is unpleasant. In this instance the Bed Wedge can be placed under the bedclothes at the Patient’s feet to act a cradle to take the weight of the blankets off the legs.

The Bed Wedge is available in a range of sizes and lengths and comes with or without angled ends. There is also a bariatric version with firmer foam. To maintain a comfortable cushion for the bariatric Patient, the foam on the sides against the skin is convoluted to provide the sensation of softness and allow for air circulation while maintaining firm support.

Another way of supporting the seated Patient is with the Bed Armchair, which offers wedge shaped lumbar support, cushioned upper back support and comfortable arm rests.

Where somebody already uses a sleep system, perhaps for a condition like cerebral palsy, our Body Brackets may provide more support than Bed Wedges. The Hook Tape on the bottom grips to a soft surface, holding the Bracket in position. The Body Bracket comes with one plastic bracket and one cover. It is also available in our thermoregulating material. This thermoregulating material was designed to help astronauts maintain their body temperature and has been popular with people who get too hot from having to have supports and cushions around them when they sleep.

Our Bed Comforter is often used by elderly people in nursing homes, pregnant women and people who need some extra support in bed. It is a very comfortable body pillow filled with hollowcore polyester fibre. It rests comfortably between the Patient’s knees, supporting good side-lying posture. It is frequently purchased with our poly cotton, thermoregulating or waterproof covers, and is available in three sizes.

For Patients who spend a lot of time on their backs, we offer a variety of products to support the hips, knees and back. The T-Roll keeps the knees bent and separated. Various degrees of knee flexion are offered by the Positioning Roll, Knee Leg Support and Knee Comfort Wedge and Cuffs.

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