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Safety is paramount when caring for disabled or elderly people. We appreciate that every person has unique needs when it comes to safety. Protection can take a variety of forms, from ensuring floors are uncluttered and free of tripping hazards, to providing restraints and supports to Patients in beds or wheelchairs. Pelican provides a wide range of restraints and safety products to meet the infinite range of Patient needs.

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More about our Restraints & Safety Equipment range

The use of restraints should be decided upon by a trained health care professional. Restraints are not considered a first line defence in the protection of people against falls or injury, and the balance of risks and benefits needs to be carefully considered. Where they are required, Pelican offers a range of high quality restraints with comfort and safety in mind.

For people using wheelchairs, Pelican Manufacturing offers a range of products to optimise comfort and safety to the user and Carer. We offer a Chair Belt to help secure a Patient in a chair or wheelchair. For those who tend to slide down under the belt, we offer the Chair Belt for Sliders in a Front Fastening and Rear Fastening version. Alternatively, some non-restraint item like the Chair Wedge Anti-Slide may be the best solution.

For chair or wheelchair users needing some lateral support, we offer Chair Head Side Supports in two sizes. We have the Arm/Wheelchair Lap Cushion as a reading or work surface, available in two widths and with a curved or straight edge. This product is an alternative to a restraint for those Patients who may forget that it is unsafe for them to stand unaided, or to elevate the arms and hands in Patients prone to oedema.

Our Safety Vest Vented with Leg Straps and Soft Bed Belt are both designed to restrain people in bed. We also offer Wrist and Ankle Restraints with either Easy Release or Webbing options. Our Mitt – Padded and Vented is designed to prevent accidental or deliberate removal of IV drips or other medical equipment. It also prevents a Patient making fists and holding on to things while being soft for comfort, and vented to allow for air circulation. We offer an Arm Wrap, a wide band which uses Hook & Loop Tape to hold the Patient’s arms close to their sides.

We also have a range of items suitable for use in seclusion sections, under observation or in locked psychiatric wards. These include the Seclusion Gown, Seclusion Room Blanket and Seclusion Room Pillow.

Patients with dementia, or a condition which limits their mobility, may benefit from our range of Falls Prevention Alarms. These include Floor Alarms, Doorway Alarms, Chair Alarms, Bed Alarms and Bed Rail Alarms. All of our Falls Prevention Alarms can be used with an alarm box, sounding at the site, or connected to a nurse call system to alert nursing staff.

Although our range is wide, we appreciate that people have an infinite array of needs and unique problems. If you do not find a product here that meets your specific requirements, please contact us directly as we may be able to make something for you.

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