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Pelican is an industry leader in developing, manufacturing and supplying Hoist Slings. Our Hoist Slings can be used with other brands of hoists that have compatible attachment points, and are made to the highest quality and safety standards. All Slings are made to the International Standard ISO10535:2011, which stipulates the requirements for how Slings are tested, and also contains requirements for periodic inspections.

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More about our Hoist Slings Equipment range

Pelican stock a range of lifting Slings to fit both keyhole hoist tilt frame hoists, and metal hook ‘coathanger’ type hoists. Our range of mobility equipment for elderly is second to none!

Our most popular webbing loop Slings include the Premier Lifting Sling, Dex Sling with Loops and General Purpose Sling.

The Premier Lifting Sling is a full body Patient Sling with soft padded split legs and padded head support. It is available in a range of sizes from small child to bariatic, and a range of fabrics.

The Dex Sling with Loops is another Sling suitable for general use. It has split legs and good support for the back and head. Webbing loops are sewn into the outside of the Sling and are not in contact with the Patient.

The General Purpose Sling has a wide design to accommodate a range of body shapes and padded legs for comfort. This easy to use Sling is available in a range of fabric options.

For people who need help with walking rehabilitation, we offer the Walking Sling with Webbing Loops. This offers confidence for the Patient and virtually eliminates the dangers to both Carer and Patient of being supported manually. Our Walking Sling – Adjustable, is designed for children and features a unique strap fastening mechanism, which allows Carers to adjust the Sling when in use. A Padded Sleeve Set is available for use with both products.

For safety and peace-of mind, all of our Keyhole Plate Slings incorporate built-in Keyhole Plate Safety Straps. The Safety Straps help prevent someone from falling if a keyhole plate breaks or accidentally comes off.

The RPH Keyhole Access Sling can be used for toileting, avoiding the need for two separate lifts on to and off the toilet. It is also easy to dress and undress the Patient in this Sling.

The RPH Keyhole Dex Sling is a full body Sling with head support and split leg sections. It comes in a range of fabric options. The RPH Keyhole Double Amputee version of this Sling is suitable for double amputees.

The Bodex Sling is quick to fit and remove and can be left behind the Patient without creating pressure problems. Webbing handles are provided at the back of the Sling to help guide Patients into chairs.

We offer a range of products to help individuals and facilities keep track of their Hoists and Slings as well as their Inspection and Maintenance. Australian and International Standards require that Slings undergo a thorough inspection every 6 months, and that records of these inspections be maintained. Our colour coded Sling Inspection Tags streamline the process, allowing Carers to ensure Sling checks are up to date at a glance, and can be used in line with Sling Inspection software. We also offer Sling ID Blank Tags and Sling ID Barcode Tags.

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