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The manual handling of people is known to be associated with a high risk of injury for Carers and Nursing staff. Pelican’s range of manual handling products are designed with the Carer in mind. Our products reduce strain on Carers and Nurses in manual handing situations and aim to reduce injuries. Our product range is large and covers multiple categories.

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More about our Manual Handling Equipment range

Patient transfers are associated with a high rate of injuries for Carers. To reduce the risk, and to assist people with walking, Pelican offers the Handi-Lift, Handi-Lift Walk Belt and the Soft Transfer Belt.

Pelican has several products to reduce the strain on Carers when turning people in bed. The Bed Slide Sheets help to reduce friction when turning and positioning somebody. The Slide Tube, Rollingboard, and Slide Pad all help to transfer Patients from one surface to another, for example from an operating table to a trolley.

Slide Boards are invaluable to reduce the strain on Carers and have a variety of uses. Our side boards come in different shapes and sizes designed for a range of uses such as helping somebody in and out of a car, to assisting with toileting and sliding into and out of a bed to a wheelchair. Some people may be able to transfer unassisted. Slide Boards are also used when transferring horizontally to and from a bed or trolley.

In an emergency, the evacuation of nursing homes and hospitals as well as public building or homes where elderly or disabled people may be working or visiting, presents some unique challenges. We have a range of products to evacuate non-ambulatory or unconscious people out of danger, down stairs and over different surfaces. The ResQmat is an evacuation mat that can be stored until an evacuation. It can be carried to where it is needed. This has a mini-mattress and pillow, so it is mainly used with frail hospital Patients or nursing homes residents. We also supply disability lifting equipment!

The ResQme and ResQpod are rigid evacuation boards that can be stored until needed and carried to where they are needed. Like the ResQmat, these are taken to the evacuee, who is not able to walk down stairs. Both products are available with a pillow to protect the head.

The ResQsheet is fitted to the mattress, and in the event of an emergency, allows for the safe evacuation of the Patient while still on the mattress. This comes in different variations to fit standard, trolley, and bariatric size beds to slide over vinyl or carpet.

Our Aids to Daily Living products allow people a greater amount of independence as well as relieving pressure on Nursing and Caring staff. Some examples include the Sock On and Stocking Slider, which help people to put on and remove their own socks and the Turn Yourself Pad, which affords people greater mobility in bed. The Leg Lifter or Leg Lifter for Two Feet assists someone to get their own feet onto or off a bed.

Our Car Access Strap can provide someone with the leverage needed to raise themselves out of a seated position in the car. Used with the Car Seat Slide Pads, this may help someone to independently get into and out of a vehicle.

Transporting wheelchairs can be difficult. The Wheelchair Boot Slider helps to reduce the strain. By providing a slippery surface it makes it easy to slide the wheelchair up and over the lip of the boot without damaging the car.

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