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Slide Boards, also known as Transfer Boards, are used to optimise safety when transferring people from one surface to another. Used correctly, they can reduce the strain on Carers and Patients, and avoid much of the lifting otherwise involved in transfers. For some people, using a Slide Board may enable them to move themselves independently.

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More about our Slide Boards range

In use, Slide Boards must be supported from beneath, for example by resting on a bed or wheelchair. The gap in between two surfaces represents the unsupported section and must be kept to a minimum. The smaller the gap, the more stable the surface and the safer the transfer. Please refer to your facility’s own manual handling policies or manual handling trainer for any relevant requirements.

Wooden Slide Boards do still exist but are being phased out. Plastic Slide Boards, which we supply, offer some important advantages over wood. For example, plastic Slide Boards are not affected by humidity or water, and they can be wiped clean to help with infection control. Disability furniture equipment is what we do best!

All Slide Boards have some degree of flexibility. The amount of flexibility will depend on how the Slide Board is being used. The board needs to be rigid enough to safely support a Patient, while flexible enough to facilitate the transfer. More flexibility is required when going from one height to another.
The plastics used for Slide Boards should not snap or break. Our in-house testing shows that our boards will withstand a much higher amount of bending than should be encountered in regular use.

Pelican has a variety of Slide Boards for sitting and recumbent transfers. If you do not see what you need here, please contact us and we may be able to make a product specially for your requirements.

One of our designs is the Slide Board – Boomerang. The angled shape of this board allows the Board to fit around the wheel of the wheelchair. If a person needs more support it can be used with the Slide Pad, Handi Lift Walk Belt or Soft Transfer Belt.

Another product for seated transfers is the Slide Board – Wheelchair Cut Out. The cut out is also designed to go around the wheel of the wheelchair, maximising the amount of seat surface covered by the board.

The Car Emergency Slide Board Kit is used in hospital emergency departments. This Board will help an unconscious Patient to slide quickly and safely from the car down to the ground or up onto a trolley.

The ResQslide Board is used if someone is sitting in a chair and they need CPR. They can slide down to the floor in a fast and safe method. This can also be used in an emergency evacuation, and may be used in conjunction with a ResQmat, ResQpod or ResQme.

We offer a variety of Slide Boards for transferring people into or out of trolley beds. Our Slide Board – Trolley is available with or without Hand Slots cut out of the plastic, and is available in a variety of lengths.

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