Stand Up Alarm Spare Contact Sheets

Stand Up Alarm Spare Contact Sheets

Unit of Measurement: Each

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These Stand Up Alarm Spare Contact Sheets are the internal working part of the alarm.

You can easily change the Contact Sheet and they come with clear instructions.

Why Supply Spare Parts?

We supply these as a way of helping reduce our customers’ costs. Opposition alarms do not supply spare parts, and require you to buy an entire new alarm. The Contact Sheets are easy to change, and come with instructions.

How to change the Contact Sheets Videos

Click here to view the video showing how to change the Stand Up Floor Alarm Contact Sheets.

Item # 444BCS - Bed Alarm Contact Sheets

Item # 444BRCS - Bed Rail Alarm Contact Sheets

Item # 444CCS - Chair Alarm Contact Sheets

Item # 444DCS - Doorway Alarm Contact Sheets

Item # 444FCS - Floor Alarm Contact Sheets

Item # 444FLCS - Floor Lino Alarm Contact Sheets

Item # 462SACS - Bed Fall Mat Alarm Contact Sheets

The Contact Sheets cannot be cleaned. The wire can be wiped clean.