Stand Up Floor Alarm Disposable Cover

Units of Measurement: Each

AUD $30.00

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The Stand Up Floor Alarm Disposable Cover is designed to reduce cleaning of the vinyl Alarm covers supplied with the Stand Up Floor Alarm (sold separately). Even though the Floor Alarm Mat should only be walked on by a patient with bare feet when they get out of bed, we have had some Alarm Mats returned for servicing which have been badly soiled by scuff marks from people walking on them in outdoor shoes.

The Floor Alarm Disposable Cover is semi-disposable, so it can be machine washed and re-used many times before it needs replacing. After the spin cycle, the covers only need about 10 minutes to air dry. The material is not waterproof so if a patient soils the Alarm cover, it should be washed and the vinyl cover cleaned with disinfectant or even washed as well.

Item # 444FC

This product is designed to be disposable.