Stand Up Alarm Spare Plugs

Unit of Measurement: Each

$11.00 AUD$47.00 AUD

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The Stand Up Alarm Spare Plugs are:

  • Nurse Call Plug – Single Black Band (Mono System)
  • Nurse Call Plug – Double Black Band (Stereo System)
  • Double Adapter
  • Y Connector


They are available for the following Pelican Stand Up Alarms:

  • Bed Fall Mat Alarm
  • Bed Rail Alarm
  • Bed Nurse Call Alarm
  • Chair Nurse Call Alarm
  • Doorway Nurse Call Alarm
  • Floor Nurse Call Alarm
  • Floor Lino Nurse Call Alarm
  • Footboard Alarm

Item # 4441B - Mono Plug 1 Band

Item # 4442B - Stereo Plug 2 Bands

Item # 444DA - Double Adapter

Item # 444Y - Y Connector

Wipe clean with a hospital grade disinfectant. Wipe dry. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

Warning - Choking Hazard: The nurse call plug includes a small part as part of the design. This product may not be suitable for an individual who has a tendency to place inedible objects in their mouth.