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Pelican has a range of Baby Care Equipment for the youngest member of the family. From Baby Change Mats to Trolley Protectors, our products are designed to optimise hygiene and safety for your baby. Our Baby Change Mats offer enhanced safety with raised edges and a wipe clean cover.

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More about our Baby Care Equipment range

We routinely supply Baby Care Equipment to child care centres, maternity hospitals and the general public.  Please contact us if you have some specific requirements as we can custom make Baby Change Mats.

We have a range of items to increase hygiene and comfort for your baby while seated in a shopping trolley. The Trolley Baby Capsule Protector is suitable for babies young enough to lie back in a capsule-type child restraint. From around the age of 6 months many babies can use the main seat of the shopping trolley. The Trolley Child Seat Protector is designed for use in the main seat section of a shopping trolley. This product covers the main points where your child contacts the seat. To protect your baby from germs and dirt found on a trolley handle, we offer two options. The Trolley Handle Protector – Wrap Around, completely surrounds the trolley handle and protects babies’ hands and mouths from touching the handle. The Trolley Handle Protector is a rectangular shape and covers not only the shopping trolley handle itself, but also the metal bars directly in front of where the child sits.

Each of our Trolley Protection Products is made from three layers of material. The bottom layer, or the layer contacting the shopping trolley surface, is a medical grade waterproof vinyl. This can easily be wiped clean after use. The middle layer is foam to provide some cushioning, and the top layer is an easy care poly-cotton material that can be wiped clean. The entire product can also be hand or machine washed. Each product is designed to fold away and stow easily in a bag.

We also offer a Baby Padded Play Mat made with this same construction to provide a portable, padded hygienic surface for baby to sit or have some tummy time.

Loading and unloading prams, other baby equipment, general mobility equipment or even suitcases from the boot of a car, can result in scratches and damage to the car bumper. Our Car Bumper Protector is a cost effective option for preventing damage. Generally, the Protector is kept in place in the boot. Hook & Loop Tape helps secure it to the carpet on the floor of the boot.  When required, the padded section is folded out over the bumper and a pram or suitcase can rest on the Protector while lifting the items into the car, even if the person loading the item cannot fully clear the bumper. This makes it useful for pregnant women and elderly people. Once the item is resting on the protector, the slippery surface makes it easier to slide the item fully into the boot, and then the Protector folds back over the items when driving.

We are frequently asked to make products to increase the comfort and safety for existing baby care or paediatric orthopaedic equipment. An example of this is the Hip Dysplasia Brace Sleeve. This product was designed as a special order to cover the foam components of the correction brace, allowing for easy cleaning and protecting baby’s delicate skin.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please contact us with your specifications and we may be able to make a product to suit your needs.

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