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Residents of aged care facilities have varied physical needs. In meeting these needs it is important that people feel their identity and value as a human being is respected. There is much that can be done to promote this respect and dignity, from supplying appetising food to providing opportunities for social inclusion. When it comes to personal hygiene, Pelican offers a range of products to sensitively handle what can be damaging to dignity.

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More about our Dignity & Care range

We have a range of products to maintain dignity for people with special needs, and those living in residential care facilities. Our products center around gaining or maintaining independence, providing privacy during showering and toileting, and ensuring Patient comfort.

Our Shower Chair Cape slips on easily over the head and allows Patients privacy when being wheeled to and from the shower room. The Cape is made from a comfortable polycotton fabric and is available in a patterned or light blue material.

We have an Elbow & Wrist Showering Sling to help support the arm during showering. We have a Catheter Tube Holder to hold the catheter tube to a Patient’s leg, protecting the tube from being accidentally moved and pulled. Where the Patient needs to have incontinence pads changed, we offer the Leg Lifting Hygiene Slings to reduce strain on nurses and Carers.

Promoting independence with aids to daily living can greatly increase a person’s self-worth and dignity and reduce their real or perceived burden on Carers. We have the Stocking Slider, Sock On and Stocking Off which may help someone to put on their own socks or stockings. Dressing Clips attach onto the trousers and shirt and help a person to be able to pull up their own trousers after using the toilet, without having to bend forward and potentially overbalance. Our Walking Stick/Cane Wrist Strap can help stop canes or walking sticks from being dropped on the floor and may help with independence.

Enjoying a meal with peers can be a highlight of the day in residential care. When it comes to dignity at meals, our Palm Cuff can help people to hold cutlery and potentially eat without assistance. Coveralls or a Coverall Scarf can be worn to protect clothing and absorb small spills.

To increase comfort and dignity in bed, we offer a range of products. People spending a lot of time in bed may achieve more independence with our Bed Armchair or Bed Rail Organiser. For those who get too hot in bed, we offer a Thermoregulating Top Sheet, Mattress Topper and Pillow Cover as well as a Thermoregulating Duvet Cover Insert. Our Cervical Roll or Bed Comforter may help to make people more comfortable in bed. People who have difficulty turning themselves over in bed may benefit from the Turn Yourself Pad or Turn Yourself Sheet. These are made with slippery fabric, which reduces the amount of effort to turn yourself compared with just using the bed surface.

Some Patients who smoke may drop a cigarette onto their lap or onto the chair next to them. Some people have died from this happening, so the Pelican Smoking Protector can help prevent a death. Even when using a Smoking Protector, the Patient should be supervised at all times when smoking.

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