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Arm Slings are widely used in hospitals and physiotherapy departments. They may be prescribed after rotator cuff operations, shoulder subluxation, broken arms, wrists, shoulders or collarbones, and other general injuries. We have a large range of Arms Slings for different situations. Some have a bolster to keep the shoulder at a certain angle. Some are designed for bathing. Some are designed for use with a hoist, to hold a heavy arm (or leg) without straining the Carer.

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More about our Arm Slings Supplies range

The right type of sling for your situation will depend on the nature of your injury, the type of treatment you have had and where you are in your rehabilitation. Getting the right sling is crucial. We recommend taking advice from your Surgeon, Doctor, or Healthcare Professional before purchasing any sort of disability equipment. They will be familiar with a variety of different manufacturers’ products and have enough knowledge to choose the best fit for you and your situation. Choosing the wrong sling could slow your recovery or cause damage.

Frequently after a rotator cuff operation, your surgeon will recommend some degree of arm abduction. This means having the arm supported away from the body. Our products which will support the arm in abduction include The Arm Sling & Abductor Pillow. This consists of an over-the-shoulder Arm Sling and an Abductor Pillow which attaches around the waist. Both parts have adjustable Hook & Loop Tape straps. The Abductor Pillow holds the arm at an angle of approximately 15° from the body. The Arm Sling holds the hand, and the material near the hand can be folded back to the wrist if the person wants to have the hand unsupported. It can also be opened for inspection. Where a very specific angle of abduction is required, the Shoulder Abductor may be appropriate. The small, medium or large cushion holds the forearm away from the body. The larger the cushion, the larger the angle of abduction.

Where the opposite effect is required, and the arm needs to be supported close to the body, the Upper Arm Adductor or Shoulder Cuff Kit may be of use.

In cases where the wrist or forearm needs to be elevated or kept horizontal, the Elbow & Wrist Sling or Elbow & Wrist Showering Sling may be appropriate. The Elbow & Wrist Showering Sling is a simple sling that is designed to hold the arm when showering or bathing. It is made from a wipeable vinyl material, with sewn stitching. We use a low density foam inside for comfort. The sling has an adjustable Hook & Loop Tape fastening. You can run warm water over the sling on a cold morning so that it is not cold against the skin.

For use with hoists, we offer the Leg/Arm Sling – Heat Sealed and the Leg/Arm Sling Bariatric. Keeping your product clean is simple. You can wash the Arm Slings in a commercial or household washing machine. Heat sealed products can be wiped clean.

If you are not sure which product is right for you, or if you cannot find what you are looking for here, please contact us. We employee ex-Carers with real-life experience who are ready to help. We may be able to advise you an appropriate product, or have something custom made to your specifications.

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