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In the event of an emergency in a building, it is important that every person is safely evacuated and accounted for. The evacuation of nursing homes and hospitals, as well as public buildings or homes where elderly or disabled people may be working or visiting, presents some unique challenges. Pelican’s range of Evacuation, Fire & Rescue Equipment is designed to minimise these challenges.

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More about our Evacuation, Fire & Rescue Equipment range

We have a range of products to evacuate non-ambulatory or unconscious people out of danger, down stairs and over different surfaces. Legislation varies from one jurisdiction to the next, so it is important to be aware of your legal obligations when it comes to keeping evacuation equipment at the ready.

Our range of rigid evacuation mats which can be taken to a Patient consists of the ResQmat, ResQme and ResQpod. These products are easy to store, come in a highly visible bag and are lightweight enough to be carried wherever they are required in an emergency. People can be positioned into the evacuation devices from a bed, chair or wheelchair. All three designs have plastic corflute running the length of the boards. This allows for excellent resistance of heat build-up due to friction.

The ResQmat is a heavy-duty evacuation mat that can provide maximum comfort and safety to the Patient. It comes equipped with a large pillow for comfort and to protect the head where hazards are present. The full length mini-mattress is comfortable for the Patient and protects them from rough or bumpy surfaces and stairs. The board curls up around the feet to adjust to size, so it can be used for virtually any height person between 136cm to 193cm (4’6” to 6’4”). The Patient is completely enclosed when the ResQmat is in use. This can be helpful if Patients are frightened or confused and prone to reaching out and grabbing things, potentially hampering the rescue.

The ResQpod has three sets of wide Hook and Loop Tape straps securing the Patient’s chest, hips and legs. It adjusts from the foot end, the same as the ResQmat. There is a small head pillow.

The ResQme is our most cost effective rigid evacuation board. Again, wide straps of Hook & Loop Tape secure the Patient around the chest, hips and legs or feet, depending on the height of the Patient. The optional pillow offers good head protection and comfort.

We have some non-rigid ResQsheet options for Patient transfers in an emergency evacuation. These products are stored under the mattress, ready for use in a matter of seconds. The ResQsheet is fitted under the mattress, and in the event of an emergency, allows for the speedy evacuation of the Patient while still on the mattress. This comes in different variations to fit standard, trolley or bariatric size beds. The ResQsheet slides very well on vinyl floors. The ResQsheet for Vinyl & Carpet has a built-in plastic board, which allows it to slide well on vinyl, carpet and all floor surfaces. Also available to fit king single size beds.

Fires can be accidentally started by cigarettes. We have a Smoking Protector, which is a flame retardant apron to help protect people and property from a dropped lit cigarette. We also have a Kitchen Apron with the same flame retardant fabric in the front, designed to be worn by kitchen staff to help prevent burns from spitting fat and flame flare ups. Our medical mobility equipment‘s quality is second to none!

It is important that all fire wardens and supporting staff are trained in the use of the relevant evacuation devices. It is not advised to repeatedly use the devices in training over rough ground as this may impair the device’s function in a real emergency. In addition we recommend that the devices be inspected annually to ensure that they haven’t been degraded by heat or vermin.

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