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Pressure Care is extremely important for wheelchair bound people. Spending prolonged periods seated predisposes the seat bones, coccyx and bony protuberances of the spine to pressure ulcers. If sensory function is also compromised, the Patient can be even more prone to these debilitating conditions.

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More about our Wheelchair Accessories range

Pelican carries a large range of products designed for wheelchair users. Our Wheelchair Accessories include Pressure Care items, Slide Boards and Transfer aids, Falls Prevention Alarms and accessories to assist Carers.

Our pressure care items are designed to be used as a first line of defence in the prevention of pressure sores and include the Pressure Relief Cushion with Airmesh Cover. This item comprises a firm layer of foam topped with convoluted foam. The breathable Airmesh cover is soft and comfortable, and the base is a non-slip rubber. This Cushion is also available with a Water-Resistant Cover. The Pressure Relief Memory Foam Cushion may be a comfortable choice for some people and attaches to the corners of the wheelchair. The Sacral Cushion has a layer of firm foam underneath, topped with a memory foam layer with the sacral section cut out to relieve pressure specifically on the sacral region.

We offer two kinds of Chair Wedges for Wheelchair users. The Chair Wedge – Hip Replacement positions the knees in line with or lower than the hip, optimal positioning for after hip replacement surgery. The Chair Wedge Anti-Slide creates the opposite effect, by raising the knees higher than the hips and helps prevent people from sliding forward in their chair.

Protecting the Patient from the hard parts of a wheelchair is also critical to pressure care and injury prevention. We offer Velour Wheelchair Footplate Covers, Velour Wheelchair Calf/Heel Strap, Velour Wheelchair Armrest Covers. We also offer Sheepskin Velour Footplate Covers for added comfort and protection.

When it comes to moving Patients into and out of their wheelchairs, we have a range of Slide Boards, and the Sit Slide and Stand Pad. The Sit Slide & Stand Pad is a one-way slide pad which locks on itself to prevent someone from sliding forward, but allows a person to sit down at the front of the chair seat and slide themselves or be assisted into position. Webbing handles allow the product to be used by one or two Carers, and can also be used to help the person stand.

Some Patients with dementia or other conditions may forget that it is not safe for them to attempt to stand up from their wheelchair unassisted. In this case, the Chair Fall Alarm may be required. This will alert a nurse or Carer that the person has tried to stand up. In some cases hearing the alarm will remind the Patient to sit back down. An alternative to this is the Arm/Wheelchair Lap Cushion. Available in standard or wide width, and with a curved or straight edge, this product can be used as a work surface, as well as a reminder for the Patient that it is unsafe for them to attempt to stand up unassisted.

Carers need to be aware of keeping themselves safe when handling a person or wheelchair. The Wheelchair Boot Slider is a product designed to reduce the strain of loading and unloading a wheelchair from a car boot.

Our range of slide boards is also designed to reduce strain on Carers and maximise independence for the wheelchair user. Our Slide Board – Aero Transfer can be used to transfer a person from their wheelchair to an aeroplane seat. The Slide Board – Boomerang allows for transfer of a person out of a car seat and into a wheelchair, while the Slide Board – Wheelchair Cut Out allows the board to fit around the wheel of the chair.

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