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Pelican offers a large range of cushions for a variety of uses. If you do not see what you are looking for here, please contact us directly as we can make a special order to your requirements. Our range of cushions for use in chairs and wheelchairs is designed for comfort, pressure care and a range of specific situations.

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More about our Cushioning Equipment range

After a hip replacement, Patients are usually given advice by their physiotherapist, or occupational therapist on how to sit, stand and sleep. When seated, Patients are advised to keep knees in line with or beneath hips when seated for up to 8 weeks after the operation. Pelican’s Chair Wedge – Hip Replacement can be used both in wheelchairs immediately after surgery or in standard chairs during recovery. For sleeping, it is recommended that side sleeping is avoided, and that the Patient uses cushions between or beneath the knees to avoid rolling on to their side.

Our Pudendal Channel Cushion is made with firm convoluted foam sides, to support the weight on the seat bones, while the channel removes or reduces pressure on the pudendal nerve, coccyx, genitals and perineum. Popular with people suffering from pudendal nerve palsy, coccygeal injury, haemorrhoids, surgical mesh surgery complications, and in post-natal care, the Pudendal Channel Cushion has a variety of applications.

Our Pressure Relief Cushion with Water-Resistant Cover is a thick cushion topped with a layer of convoluted foam for general comfort and the prevention of pressure ulcers. The Pressure Relief Cushion with Airmesh Cover is the same cushion design with a breathable Airmesh cover which feels soft and comfortable. Both these cushions can be customised if there is a specific area of concern which requires pressure relief. There is also a Pressure Relief Memory Foam Cushion available in polyester, or waterproof with sewn seams or heat sealed cover options, as well a range of size and firmness options.

We have some cushions specifically used on wheelchairs. The Chair-Wedge Anti-Slide may help with safety and falls prevention for the Patient who is prone to sliding forward, and potentially out of the wheelchair. Chair Lateral Supports may also be useful for holding the person in position. A Back Support cushion is available with a contoured shape and straps to secure it to the wheelchair.

For bathroom and toilet use, we offer a Commode Cushion, Shower Chair Back Cushion, and Toilet Seat Reducer which can be cut to size. For a child’s commode chair we offer the Child’s Commode and Back Cushion combined.

We offer a range of medical mobility equipment products to help people achieve and maintain correct posture. Our Cervical Roll is available in a Foam Only, Heat Sealed or Fabric Covered version. These can be used as part of rehabilitating the cervical curve, for comfort, or to convert a standard pillow to a more ergonomic contour pillow. Our Lumbar Rolls come in a Round or D shape and can help maintain the lumbar lordosis when seated. These cushions are both fitted with an elastic strap to secure them to a car seat or office chair.

Our Bed Comforters are widely used in aged care as a comfortable sleeping aid, however they also promote good sleeping posture. By separating the knees and preventing a person from rolling forward, the Bed Comforter may reduce pressure on the low back and hips, and may help with comfort during pregnancy. The Knee Separator achieves knee separation in a much smaller product.

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