Stand Up Chair Alarm

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The Stand Up Chair Alarm alerts Carers when someone stands up from a wheelchair or chair. The alarm noise is near the patient and this may help the patient to remember not to stand up, as the noise will stop if they sit down again.

About the Stand Up Chair Alarm

The Stand Up Chair Alarm comes with a soft velour cover on the top, and a non-slip rubber material underneath. There is a slight delay built into this alarm, so that if weight is temporarily taken off the pad, the alarm will not sound. This is to allow people to slightly change their seating position. The delay is around one second.

Sounding Alarm Box Version and Nurse Call Version

There are two options with regard to the alarm alerting Carers:

  • Sounding Alarm Box – An alarm box which makes a sound
  • Nurse Call Plug – This plugs into the nurse call system and sets off the Carers’ pagers

The Alarm Box has variable volumes and comes with a 5m / 16′ cable. Also available is a 10m / 32′ Extension Cord. Extension cords can be linked together so that the alarm box can be placed virtually anywhere. Most facilities keep the alarm box in the corridor, but some have wired it through the ceiling, across other rooms to the nurses’ station.

The Nurse Call version plugs into the nurse call system and comes with a double adapter. This allows a normal nurse call button to still be used in conjunction with the alarm. Note: The Nurse Call version of this product comes with and Australian 240V plug.

Spare Parts

We supply spare parts for our alarms. This means that if you have any problems, you do not need to get a whole new alarm – you can just get the part you need. The following spare parts are available for this product:

General Alarm Information

Patient Stand Up alarms can be a very helpful way of monitoring a patient without physical or chemical restraining. They are normally used with people who stand up from a chair or get out of bed and could fall over. Sometimes the patient may be able to walk but due to dementia and mobility issues, they may put themselves or others in danger.

Floor Alarms are the most recommended products in our alarm range for people getting out of bed. This is because they generally give the earliest warning of when someone is getting out of bed. When someone goes to get out of bed, they can have the weight of their feet on the alarm, setting it off before they actually lift their bottom off the bed. If they were using the Bed Alarm that is placed on top of the mattress, it will not sound until after the patient gets out of bed. Floor Alarms can give vital extra time when someone is starting to stand up.

Item # 444C (Sounding Alarm Box)

Item # 444CNC (Nurse Call – 1 Black Band)

Item # 444CNC2 (Nurse Call – 2 Black Bands)

Alarm cord length: 1m / 3.3′

The sounding alarm version of this product is powered by batteries.

Wipe the internal beige vinyl cover clean with a mild hospital-grade disinfectant. Allow to dry before use. Hand or machine wash the outer Velour cover up to 80°C (176°F), and air or tumble dry on a cool setting, ensuring the drum is also cool. The internal Contact Sheets cannot be cleaned.

Warranty: 6 months.

Warning: When using a double adaptor, if the Patient’s Nurse Call button is removed from the adaptor, then the automatic Nurse Call system may not alert staff. There may be occasions when the facility does not want the patient to have a Nurse Call button as they may have dementia and be pushing the button for no reason. We understand that the Patients should always have access to a Nurse Call button, so if this is removed, we recommend documenting this in their care plan. If the Patient’s Nurse Call button is removed then the Pelican Stand Up Alarm can be plugged directly into the wall socket without using the double adaptor.

Warning: In accordance with the Consumer Goods (Products Containing Button/Coin Batteries) Safety Standard 2020, the button cell batteries are sealed inside the battery compartment with superglue. This is to prevent them from being a choking or swallowing hazard. The batteries are not replaceable.