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Getting comfortable in bed during pregnancy can be difficult. Pregnant women are frequently advised to sleep on their left side. This position places the least amount of pressure on the large blood vessels of the abdomen, and optimises the flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta. Our Bed Comforter can help make this a comfortable position to sleep in, supporting under the belly and upper body. It has the added benefit of separating the knees. This is not only comfortable, but can reduce torsion of the lower lumbar spine and pelvis, protecting this region.

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During medical examinations where a woman may have to lie on her back, it is important to keep weight off these large blood vessels. The Pregnancy Pelvic Tilt Wedge can ensure that the placental blood flow is not compromised during an examination. During early pregnancy or during gynaecological procedures, the Speculum Examination Wedge is placed under both hips, angling the pelvis upward. The product is heat sealed for infection control and comfortable to use, due to air reservoirs that fill when pressure is applied to the Wedge.

Our Birthing Mattress is a mattress designed to be soft and comfortable enough for women in labour to sit or kneel on. It is a completely heat sealed product allowing it to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after use. It is large enough for a midwife or partner to kneel on while they support the woman in labour.

Some pregnant women suffer from heartburn or shortness of breath when lying down. It may help to have the upper body supported with a Bed Wedge. These are constructed from foam and have either a sewn or 100% heat sealed cover. Available in a range of sizes and shapes, they can also be made to your exact specifications. We offer a wide range of paediatric mobility equipment!

Pregnant women sometimes suffer from the pain of sacroiliac instability. This can be difficult to treat as pregnancy hormones cause the joints and ligaments to relax. This condition does not usually resolve until after giving birth. Our Sacroiliac Belt can be helpful in reducing the pain of sacroiliac instability during pregnancy. Always seek the advice of your doctor or physiotherapist before using this type of product, as a correct diagnosis and skilled fitting are crucial.

Lifting can become challenging during pregnancy. We offer the Car Bumper Protector for lifting prams or other items into the back of a car. This way, the item does not have to be lifted high enough to clear the bumper. Instead it can be lifted partway and pulled into the car without damaging the bumper.

After a baby is born, we offer a range of baby care products. Our Baby Change Mats feature unique high sides, which can make changing wriggly babies safer. It is however important never to leave any baby unattended while on the Baby Change Mat. Our Baby Change Mats are foam with a removeable, wipeable vinyl cover. Extra soft material covers are also available. We have a range of sizes to fit popular brands of change table including the IKEA Sniglar size.

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