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People with paralysis or limited mobility for any reason are at risk of pressure ulcers, or bed sores. Pressure ulcers prolong hospitalisation, increase demand on nursing care and can be fatal. It is thought that 95% of all pressure ulcers are preventable with thorough risk assessment and the implementation of preventative measures.

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More about our Pressure Care Equipment range

We have a range of pressure care items to reduce risk and increase comfort in a variety of circumstances. An appropriate mattress surface is of paramount importance when it comes to pressure care. Our Pressure Relief Overlay Mattress fits on top of the mattress, under the fitted bed sheet. It is popular not only for pressure care, but also for able bodied people seeking relief from aches and pains.

Our Wool Full Bed Cover is designed to cover the entire surface of a single bed, providing protection for the whole body. Our wool products are made with pure wool, specially treated to make them suitable for hospital conditions. The 100% pure sheep’s wool is backed by a knitted, breathable back cloth (not leather) for easy care. This wool product is also available by the metre. It can be washed on a ‘wool’ setting.

Where it is necessary to protect a specific body part from pressure, we have a range of Pads, Sleeves and Slippers. Our Heel and Elbow Pads come in wool or convoluted foam and protect areas in which pressure sores can quickly deteriorate. Our Wool Elbow/Shin Protector Sleeves contribute to pressure care as well as protecting the skin from scratches and tears. A larger version of this product, the Wool Bed Slipper/Arm Protector has the same use, but simply covers more of the limb. We have Wool Bed Sock/ Slippers to protect the feet. For Patients with very thin skin, the Arm/Leg Shearing Sleeve may help to protect the skin.

Being adequately supported with an appropriate density cushion is crucial to pressure care. We stock a large range of Cushions, Wedges and Supports for any application. A few examples are outlined below.

Our Pudendal Channel Cushion relieves pressure on the pudendal nerve. It may also help relieve the symptoms of other conditions such as haemorrhoids, postnatal pain or coccygeal pain. Another cushion for use when seated is the Pressure Relief Cushion. This is made from a firm foam topped with convoluted foam and comes with a water resistant cover. Chair Wedge Cushions can help Patients after a hip replacement and place the pelvis and lumbar spine into favourable posture. For people who need pressure care when using the toilet, we have a Commode Cushion. The T-roll is a T shaped cushion made from firm foam with convolutions. It holds the knees in a flexed position when the Patient is lying on their back, and can be used with or without leg straps.

Pelican has a range of wheelchair accessories which help to reduce pressure at key points for the non-ambulatory Patient. The Back Support helps protect the spine as well as improving posture and general comfort. Sheepskin Velour Footrest Covers, Velour Wheelchair Armrest Covers and the Velour Wheelchair Calf/Heel Strap are all designed to reduce pressure in vulnerable areas of a wheelchair user.

We stock a wide range of heat sealed wedges suitable for post-operative or general use and aiming at improving mobility of elderly people. If you can’t find the size you are looking for, please contact us directly and we can custom make something suitable.

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