Anti-Slide Mattress Pad

Units of Measurement: Each

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The Anti-Slide Mattress Pad is designed to help prevent a mattress from sliding when someone gets into and out of bed.

Some Different Uses

  • Under trolley mattresses when moving patients
  • To help prevent the mattress slipping down when the back section is raised up in Recovery or Intensive Care
  • Under operating table mattresses to stop them moving
  • Under any other piece of equipment that may slip

The standard Anti-Slide Mattress Pad is a sewn rubber material with holes in it. The Heat Sealed version is a solid vinyl which is better for infection control and can be completely wiped clean.

Also available: Anti-Slide Mattress Sticks and Non-Slip Mat

Item # 465 – Miracle Grip Rubber

Item # 4651 – Heat Sealed

Cleaning: Please discuss this with your facility’s Infection Control Department as they can override our suggestions. Wipe Clean with a hospital grade disinfectant, or soak in a solution of disinfectant, or hand or machine wash up to 80°C. Cool Tumble Dry or pat dry with a towel. It is very important that the Anti Slide Mattress Pad is thoroughly dry before placing under a mattress again. It may be necessary to leave them airing overnight to allow any liquid to evaporate.

Cleaning Heat-sealed:
Have guidance from your facility’s Infection Control Department as they may override our instructions. Wipe clean with hospital grade disinfectant. Wipe dry or air dry before replacing on the bed again.