Anti Slide Mattress Pad

Unit of Measurement: Each

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The Anti-Slide Pad can be used in a number of places to help prevent many things from sliding.

Some Different Uses

  • Under trolley mattresses when moving patients
  • To help prevent the mattress slipping down when the back section is raised up in Recovery or Intensive Care
  • Under operating table mattresses to stop them moving
  • Under any other piece of equipment that may slip

The standard version is a sewn rubber material with holes in it. The Heat Sealed version is a solid vinyl which is better for infection control and can be completely wiped clean.

Item # 465 - Miracle Grip Rubber
Item # 4651 - Heat Sealed

Cleaning: Please discuss this with your facility's Infection Control Department as they can override our suggestions. Wipe Clean with a hospital grade disinfectant, or soak in a solution of disinfectant, or hand or machine wash up to 80°C. Cool Tumble Dry or pat dry with a towel. It is very important that the Anti Slide Mattress Pad is thoroughly dry before placing under a mattress again. It may be necessary to leave them airing overnight to allow any liquid to evaporate.