Bed Side Wedge – One Side

Units of Measurement: Each

AUD $132.00

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The Bed Side Wedge – One Side is suitable for patients who need a reminder not to roll out of bed and can be fitted on either side of the bed. This product is suitable for wandering dementia patients or people suffering a proprioceptive condition

There are two sizes available, to fit Single/King Single and Double/Queen beds. This product is normally used on beds where a partner is sleeping on the other side, or when the bed is next to a wall.

The Bed Side Wedge should be positioned to help protect the patient from rolling off the edge of the mattress. A second Wedge can be placed further down the bed to help prevent the patient’s legs or feet moving over the edge of the bed. If necessary, a third Wedge can also be used to cover more length of the bed.

An optional Alarm Pad is available, to alert Carers when a Patient presses down on the Wedge while getting out of bed. It can also be used to alert when a patient is leaning against the Wedge.


To Use

Place the normal bottom bed sheet on the bed. Lay the Bed Side Wedge across the bed, so that it will be next to the patient’s chest.

Fasten the Hook & Loop Tape on the Batten to the suitable Side Loop on the Wedge side. Slide the Hook & Loop Tape Batten under the mattress and attach to the Side Loops on the opposite side of the bed, pull tight and fasten.

After fitting the Wedge, the bed is made as normal with the top sheet and blankets placed over the patient and Wedge.

Bed Side WedgesAlso available: Bed Side Wedges – Four Wedges, to be used with two on each side of a single size bed.


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Have guidance from your facility’s Infection Control Department as they may override our recommendations.

Hand or machine wash up to 80°C (176°F). The Wedge Cushion can also be washed. Air or cool tumble dry. Do not wring the Wedge Cushion.

Cleaning the Hook & Loop Tape Batten: Remove the plastic batten and spray and wipe clean with disinfectant. Hand or machine wash the Hook & Loop Tape Batten cover up to 80°C (176°F). Cool tumble dry or air dry. Ensure the product is thoroughly dry before using or storing.

WARNING: This product is considered a Safety or Positioning Aid, not a Restraint. When using this product, careful monitoring of the patient is needed as they can still get out of bed if they want to.

Consult your Therapist before using to ensure the product is appropriate for the patient.