Knee Comfort Wedge & Comfort Cuffs

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The Knee Comfort Wedge is made from firm foam to help support the legs.

About the Knee Comfort Wedge

The foam has convolutions to help with pressure care. It has a waterproof sewn cover. Spare Polyester covers can be purchased if necessary.

About the Comfort Cuffs

If the person’s legs need to be held in position, Comfort Cuffs can be attached to the Knee Comfort Wedge by Hook & Loop Tape. The Cuffs are sold separately to the Knee Comfort Wedge, and you can select them from the drop-down box.

Seek advice on the best methods for using our range of Positioning Rolls & Wedges. You may also be interested in the T-Roll, E-Wedge, or our other Bed Positioning Support Solutions here.

If you do require the Cuffs, then we require the following General Public Restraint Authorisation Letter.

This product is just one of many ‘Sleep System’ products used for bed positioning support. The full range consists of:​​

Photo Description Details
mattress strap Mattress Strap A 10cm / 4″ wide Loop tape strap that secures around the mattress
sleep system Sleep System Positioning Sheet A receptor sheet with three slightly elasticated straps to secure it around the mattress
e wedge E-Wedge & Cuffs E-shaped Wedge with mattress strap, and Loop Tape sections under the legs for attaching Comfort Cuffs
knee comfort wedge Knee Comfort Wedge & Cuffs Comfortable under-knee wedge with Loop Tape for attaching Comfort Cuffs
body positioning wedge Body Positioning Wedges Curved wedge with soft overlay foam for better air circulation, and Hook Tape underneath
Body Bracket Body Bracket Padded and wipeable material with a plastic bracket
Body Bracket - Thermoregulating Body Bracket – Thermoregulating Same as the Body Bracket, but with Thermoregulating material
vented overlay pad Vented Overlay Pad A thick, breathable, padded foam pad to help air circulation around the body
bed wedge velcro Various Bed Wedges All of our Bed Wedges are available with Hook Tape



Knee Comfort Wedge
knee comfort wedge size





Item # Description Size Dimensions (cm) Dimensions (inches)
187S Knee Comfort Wedge Small 50cm x 26cm x 5.5cm 20″ x 10″ x 2″
187L Knee Comfort Wedge Large 50cm x 32cm x 7.5cm 20″ x 12.5″ x 3″


Comfort Cuffs

comfort cuffs







Item # Description Size Size (cm) Size (inches)
187-CUFF-S Comfort Cuffs Small 15cm – 30cm 6″ – 12″
187-CUFF-M Comfort Cuffs Medium 25cm – 40cm 10″ – 16″
187-CUFF-L Comfort Cuffs Large 35cm – 50cm 14″ – 20″
187-CUFF-XL Comfort Cuffs Extra Large 45cm – 60cm 18″ – 24″