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The Mattress Strap is a 10cm / 4″ wide Loop Tape strap with a black triglide that secures around a bed mattress. It allows various Sleep System positioning devices which have Hook Tape underneath to attach to it, to hold them in place. The width allows for the positioning device to be placed either in line with the bed, or on an angle.

It is possible to use more than one Mattress Strap on a bed, depending on the patient’s individual positioning needs.

Compatible or Alternative Products

This product is just one of many ‘Sleep System’ products used for bed positioning support. The full range consists of:​​

Photo Description Details
sleep system Sleep System Positioning Sheet A receptor sheet that various Bed Wedges, Brackets, Cuffs, etc. with Hook Tape can attach to
g-cuff G-Cuffs Well-padded medium density foam with Hook & Loop Tape
e wedge E-Wedge & Cuffs E-Shaped Wedge with mattress strap, and Loop Tape sections under the legs for attaching Comfort Cuffs
knee comfort wedge Knee Comfort Wedge & Cuffs Comfortable under-knee wedge with Loop Tape for attaching Comfort Cuffs
body positioning wedge Body Positioning Wedges Curved wedge with soft overlay foam for better air circulation, and Hook Tape underneath
Body Bracket Body Bracket Padded and wipeable material with a plastic bracket
Body Bracket - Thermoregulating Body Bracket – Thermoregulating Same as the Body Bracket, but with Thermoregulating material
vented overlay pad Vented Overlay Pad A thick, breathable, padded foam pad to help air circulation around the body
bed wedge velcro Various Bed Wedges All of our Bed Wedges are available with Hook Tape


To Use

Tilt or lift an end of the mattress to gain access to the underside.

Place the Mattress Strap around the mattress, making sure to position it so that the wide Loop Tape side of the Strap is facing upwards on top of the mattress.

Thread the Hook Tape through the triglide and pull the Strap tight so that it is fitted securely, then fasten the the Hook & Loop Tape.

Next, attach the positioning device(s) onto the Mattress Strap as required.


Always consult your Therapist before using.

Item # Size (cm) Size (inches) To Fit Bed Size
1861-255 160cm – 255cm 63″ – 100″ Single & King Single
1861-345 210cm – 345cm 83″ – 136″ Double & Queen
1861-445 260cm – 445cm 102″ – 175″ King & King Single

Wash up to 80°C (176°F). Air dry in the shade, or tumble dry on a cool setting, ensuring the drum is cool. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

WARNING: Ensure the Straps do not affect the patient’s Pressure Care. Inspect the patient’s skin after use and if there is any sign of deterioration, discontinue using the straps.