Sheepskin – Full Medical

Sheepskin – Full Medical

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The Sheepskin – Full Medical is good for people who are spend long periods sitting or lying down. It may also be good for for babies and infants. use them on beds or chairs.

About the Sheepskin – Full Medical

Medical Sheepskins are prepared from specially selected sheepskins which are treated according to the Australian Wool Corporation standards. These sheepskins have dense springy wool fibers which help support the body and allow air flow. This can keep the patient cool in summer and warm in winter. The fibers can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water without feeling wet. These features make the it comfortable and help prevent bed sores.


Sometimes there can be marks on the back of the skin. This can happen in manufacturing, but they do not affect the function of the sheepskin.

The sizes indicated may vary, as individual sheep may vary in size.

Item # 915

Use pure soap or a recommended wool detergent. Gently hand wash in warm water, maximum 5 minutes. Rinse twice in lukewarm water, 3 minutes each time. Do not wring, shake the sheepskin vigorously to raise the wool fibres. Dry flat in the shade. This sheepskin may be dry-cleaned. Air well after dry-cleaning.

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