Birthing Mattress

Units of Measurement: Each

$483.00 AUD excl GST

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The Birthing Mattress is a 100% heat sealed mattress. It is helpful when giving birth.

Inside the mattress we use two layers of foam:

  • A firm lower section of foam
  • A softer memory foam on top

This gives a comfortable surface for the mother to be on.

The two colours of vinyl have the softer beige colour on top with firmer maroon vinyl underneath.

The two carry handles make it easy to carry around.

To Use

Place the Mattress on the floor with the darker Maroon vinyl on the floor, so the softer beige vinyl will be on top.

With guidance from a health professional, the mother in labour can then sit, kneel, or lie on the beige vinyl cover.

The Mattress is big enough for Carers to also kneel on it while they comfort the person while in labour.

Item # 373

The cover is completely heat sealed, so it can be washed with a hose or shower and then wiped clean with a suitable disinfectant. Wipe dry. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

Inspect for any cuts in the material or open seams before using. If any damage is found withdraw from use.