Leg/Arm Bandaging Supports – Standard

Units of Measurement: Pair

AUD $105.00

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The Leg/Arm Bandaging Supports – Standard, have been designed to take the weight of a leg or arm when bandages are applied. Also consider the Leg/Arm Bandaging Support – Bariatric.

To Use

For holding a leg, place one Support under the back of the knee, and the other under the heel or ankle. For holding an arm, place one support under the upper arm and one under the wrist or hand.

The firm foam has convolutions where the leg, ankle or heel, or upper arm and wrist or hand rests. This helps prevent too much pressure under the leg or arm. The heat sealed cover is easy to wipe clean for hospitals where infection control is very important.

Make sure you support the leg or arm correctly to make sure it does not fall.

The Leg/Arm Bandaging Supports are designed for fitting a bandage to someone lying in a bed. This may require less bending for the Carer than applying the bandage to someone in a chair.

Item # 184HS

Wipe clean with a hospital grade disinfectant. Wipe dry. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

Warning: Inspect the patient’s leg or arm after bandaging to check the skin integrity. Use padded wadding under the leg or arm if the skin is adversely marked.