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Taking off Compression Stockings (also known as TED stockings) can be very difficult for some people, particularly if they are not able to bend over enough to remove the stocking off their heel. The Stocking Off is designed to help remove the stocking over the heel.

To Use:

Knee High Stockings  – Before removing stockings, sit on a stable and if possible, low chair. In some cases, standing up while holding onto a solid chair or bed may be necessary to complete the removal of the stocking. This provides extra support and helps prevent the risk of falling over during the process.

  • Start by folding the top edge of the stocking over two or three times. The number of folds will depend on the thickness of the stocking.
  • Fully open the clip on the green strap and attach it to the stocking behind the leg.
  • Attach the other two clips to the stocking, positioning one on each side of the leg.
  • Hold the red strap in one hand before you start taking off the stocking. This strap will come in handy when you need to pick the stocking up off the floor.
  • Start to pull the stocking down by hand. Place the toes of your other foot over the plastic tubing on the green loop, and then use it to pull the stocking down the leg. This helps pull the stocking down over the heel and off the foot.
  • Depending on the length of the stocking, you may need to remove the foot from the green loop and place it on the part of the stocking that is now on the floor. This step is particularly relevant for long ‘above knee’ stockings. You may need to perform this in stages to completely remove the full length of the stocking.
  • Once the stocking is completely off the foot, use the red strap to lift it off the floor, eliminating the need to bend down to pick it up.

Above Knee Stockings – Pull the stocking down over the knee and follow the steps as above.

Compression Tights – This may be difficult with the Stocking Off, as the Patient may not be able to move freely enough to remove both legs from the tights.

Item # 1545

Hand or machine wash up to 80°C (176°F). Air dry only. Ensure product is dry before using or storing.

The International Standard ISO/TR 12296:2012 – Ergonomics – Manual handling of people in the healthcare sector states that an aid for putting on and taking off support stockings must be used.

Warning: Different Compression Stocking manufacturers use different materials to make the stockings and the thickness and strength of stockings may vary. We cannot guarantee the stocking will not be damaged by the plastic lugs inside the clips.

Freight Warning: Depending on your area, the freight charge for one pack of these items may be around the same price as the item itself.