Sheepskin Velour Footplate Covers

Units of Measurement: Pair

$109.00 AUD

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The Sheepskin Velour Footplate Covers provide a soft padded cover for hard footplates.

When fitted, the footplate is fully covered. There is sheepskin on top and Velour underneath. This means that when the footplate is raised, the cover will still protect the patient’s shins as they get in and out of the wheelchair.

To Fit

Undo the Hook & Loop Tape and slip the cover over the footplate then fasten together.

Item # 902

Use pure soap or a recommended wool detergent. Gently hand wash in warm water, maximum 5 minutes. Rinse twice in lukewarm water, 3 minutes each time. Do not wring, shake the sheepskin vigorously to raise the wool fibres. Dry flat in the shade, or on a line. If the sheepskin has been soaked with urine, it should be rinsed with cold water as soon as possible, then washed as above. This sheepskin may be dry-cleaned. Specialist suede and leather cleaners generally include re-texturing with cleaning to reduce any loss of softness. Air well after dry-cleaning.