Wheelchair Boot Slider

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Winner of the People’s Choice Award on ABC television’s The New Inventors (2006).

Note: The Wheelchair Boot Slider and Wheelchair Trunk Slider product names can be used interchangeably, depending on the country.

People often have difficulty getting a wheelchair into the boot of a car, and usually resort to having to lift the wheelchair. The Wheelchair Boot Slider can help make this job easier. The Wheelchair Boot Slider is specially designed so that a wheelchair can be pushed into it from either side of the car.

It is ideal for collapsible manual (push along) wheelchairs. Generally, it is not suitable for large, heavy electric wheelchairs which do not collapse, but feel free to contact us to check.

Wheelchair Boot Slider BagThe Wheelchair Boot Slider Bag (sold separately) makes it easy to carry and store the components of the Slider.

Comprises of three parts:

  • Boot Blanket – This padded section protects the rear of the car. There is also a thinner section to go inside the boot to give a slippery surface for the wheelchair to slide on when sliding it into or out of the car.
  • Slider Platform – This is the part that the wheelchair is rolled into. The Slider is the cover to hold the wheelchair in position with Hook & Loop Tape attachments in the top corners. The Slider has two detachable Stop Straps to secure the wheelchair once it is inside. The blue one is 35cm (13.7″) and goes around the small front wheels, and the longer red one is 73cm (29″) and is used for securing the back wheels on large and bariatric wheelchairs. You may not need to use the red strap for standard wheelchairs.
  • Ground Protector – Place this on the ground under the Slider Platform to protect the Slider Platform from getting dirty, wet, or deteriorating on rough road surfaces. It also keeps clothes clean when leaning the Wheelchair Boot Slider up against your thigh. The Ground Protector has a webbing strap attaching it to the Slider. This is a reminder not to leave it behind before driving away! Also, by pulling the strap, it is not necessary to bend down to pick the Ground Protector up.

All of the above components are available as spare parts. If you need them, just contact us.To Use

Lay the Boot Blanket open across the boot.

Undo one of the Hook & Loop Tape securing straps of the Slider to open the front cover of the Slider Platform. Wheel the folded wheelchair into position. Do up the Hook & Loop Tape on the blue Stop Strap to stop the wheelchair being pushed too far in. Once this Strap has been correctly fitted, it can be left done up.

Lean the Slider Platform with the wheelchair inside against the car boot and use the two front cover handles to lift it up. Most of the weight of the wheelchair will now be resting on the edge of the boot. You can also rest some of the weight on your thigh. Step forward to slide the wheelchair into the boot.

Removing the wheelchair from the boot is easy. Lift the wheelchair onto the edge of the boot using the two small loops on the Slider. Hold the front cover handles to slide the Slider and wheelchair, slowly, gently and safely down to the ground.



Item # 580K

Slider Platform Weight (the part which contains the wheelchair): 3.5kg / 7.7lbs (Not including wheelchair)

Total Product Weight: 6kg / 13lbs (Not including wheelchair)

The wheelchair shown in the demonstration photographs and video weighs 17kg / 37.5lbs.

Patent No. 2006 901 291


Wipe clean with a hospital grade disinfectant or remove plastic parts and wash up to 80°C (176°F). Air or tumble dry on a cool setting, ensuring the drum is cool. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

Note: This product comes with two Stop Straps, which are Hook & Loop Tape straps that stop the wheelchair from being wheeled too far forward on the platform part of the Slider. There is soft Hook & Loop Tape on the opposite side of the Slider, which allows for the wheelchair to be pushed in from the other side.