Bed Sliding Strap (Padded)

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The Bed Sliding Strap (Padded) is used to slide someone up a bed. We recommend using this item in conjunction with a Bed Slide Sheet.

When a Patient slides down the bed it can be very difficult to slide them back up again. This is even more difficult if there is only one Carer. By using the Bed Sliding Strap, this task can be made a lot safer and easier.

This product can be very helpful for Carers who work on their own either at home or in a hostel, or even in a nursing home when there is a shortage of staff. The Bed Sliding Strap is long enough to use from Single size beds up to Queen size beds.

To Use

Use the large loop at the end of the webbing, to lasso around the leg or frame on one side of the bed at the head end of the bed. The Strap can remain lassoed here for future use. Place a folded Bed Slide Sheet under the Patient’s pillow and shoulders then slide it down under their back as far as possible. By pulling the Bed Slide Sheet down one side at a time, it should be possible to get the Bed Slide Sheet completely under their back.

The Bed Slide Sheet makes it a lot easier to slide the Patient. By the Patient having their arms placed across their chest, it reduces the drag and friction when they slide up the bed. Assist or ask the Patient to bend their legs so their knees are pointing upwards. Pass the webbing Strap under their bent legs and position the rubbery side of the padded section behind their upper legs. Make sure the webbing is not twisted inside the padded section.

Walk to the opposite side of the bed to where it is lassoed on, and standing next to the Patient, hold two of the smaller loops that are sewn to the main strap. Before starting to pull, make sure the pillow will not be in the way. Remember it may be best to place the Patient’s arms across their chest. Hold the loops that are within reach without bending over. Then move in a backward lunge, so your body weight will pull on the Strap. As the Strap is being pulled the padded section will stay in place under the thighs as the strap slides through the padded section.

If there is a bed side table at the head of the bed, it may be necessary to move it out of the way, so the Carer who is pulling the Strap can step back into this space. Normally only one pull is necessary to reposition the Patient, but if a second pull is necessary, bend the Patient’s knees up again and put the padded section back in place to re-commence the pulling. As the Patient is sliding up the bed, their legs will straighten out on the mattress.

Item # 523

Size: 89cmx 20cm  / 35″ x 7.8″

One side of the Padded Bed Sliding Strap has a medical grade rubber type material that should go next to the patient’s body. Both sides of the padded section can be wiped with medical disinfectant. The Strap and padded section can be machine or hand washed to 80ºC (176°F), air or cool tumble dry. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing. The Strap can be removed from the padded section for washing.

General Manual Handling Warning: Manual Handling products are designed to assist carers to help patients. They will not make the carer stronger or fitter, but with correct training and use of the products, should make manual handling easier and safer for both staff and patients. When training, practise with an able-bodied colleague. If any procedure is not comfortable or is difficult and puts the carer or patient in a dangerous position, the participants should call out to stop the manoeuvre, recover and recommence. Never jeopardise your health by straining, twisting or being incorrectly positioned when manual handling. Always select the most appropriate equipment for the patient’s current condition and if in doubt, use mechanical equipment. Ask your Manual Handling adviser for individual guidance.

Correct Buckle Threading: Click here to view a video showing the correct way to thread a buckle onto the webbing. It is vital that the buckles on this product are correctly fitted. Contact us if you need to order a replacement buckle if one is broken.