Bed Slide Sheet Holder

Units of Measurement: Each

AUD $20.00AUD $23.00 excl GST

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The Bed Slide Sheet Holder is a simple cone shaped cylinder. It is designed to hold Bed Slide Sheets (sold separately). It is quick and easy to put the Slide Sheets in and to remove them for use.

The Holder can be hung from a convenient hook, door knob, bed side rail, etc. The Slide Sheets are placed into the top opening for easy storage.

Attaching the Bed Slide Sheet Holder

To hang the Holder from a rail, fold over both sides of the ‘T’ end of the hanging loop, so it is narrow enough to pull back through the two slots at the back of the Holder. The loop can then be placed over the rail. To shorten the loop, wrap it over the rail two or three times before pushing the ‘T’ section back through the two slots at the back of the Holder. Remember to straighten out the ‘T’ section when completed.

Item # 507H Standard – Holds 2 Sheets 1.5m x 1m, 59″ x 39″

Item # 507HL Large – Holds 2 Sheets 1.5m x 2m, 59″ x 78″


Wipe clean with a hospital grade disinfectant. Wipe dry. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

Freight Warning: Depending on your area, the freight charge for one of these items may be around the same price as the item itself.