Bed Rail Protectors – Heat Sealed

Units of Measurement: Pair

$355.00 AUD

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The Bed Rail Protectors – Heat Sealed, are made from a medical grade vinyl material.

The material is 100% heat sealed. This means you can wipe them clean with medical grade disinfectant. Urine, faeces, vomit, blood etc. can be wiped clean. This is especially useful for infection control.

In use the foam padding will cover both sides of the bed rail. You can use the Bed Rail Protectors – Heat Sealed with confused patients who may hurt themselves by hitting the bed rails or getting arms, legs, head, etc., stuck in the rails.

To help prevent patients from removing the Protectors, use the ties.

Always remove the Bed Rail Protectors before lowering or raising the bed rails.

The Bed Rail Protector is suitable for a large variety of bed rails.

Store behind the bed somewhere out of the way.

To Fit

Raise the side rails. Place the Bed Rail Protector over the bed rail, pulling it down between the mattress and the bed rail. The Bed Rail Protector will not fall off as it covers the whole bed rail on both sides.


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Wipe clean with a hospital grade disinfectant. Wipe dry. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

Inspect for any cuts in the material or open seams before using. If any damage is found, withdraw from use and contact Pelican Manufacturing.

Warning: When Bed Rails are used, it is possible for people to be entrapped between the edge of the mattress and the Bed Rail. This may also happen if a Bed Rail Protector is being used. Entrapment can lead to death, so it is very important to do a risk assessment for the patient and regularly check that they do not manoeuvre themselves into a dangerous position. Please contact us for more information.