Bed Rail Protector – Clear

Bed Rail Protector – Clear

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The Bed Rail Protector – Clear will allow the patient to see the room from the bed when they are lying down in bed. The benefit of being able to see through the Protector may help many people who may feel trapped and enclosed, compared to the normal foam padded Bed Rail Protectors – Slip Over.

As the Carers will be able to see the patient better, they will see where the patient’s head, hands or feet are. This way you can make sure they are not at risk, pressed up against the bed rail. it also ensures they are not at risk of bed rail entrapment.

Be warned that some patients may be distracted when they look through the Clear Protector. They may try to reach out to touch some flowers, etc. If this is likely to happen then consider the foam padded Bed Rail Protectors – Slip Over.

There is some foam padding that is fitted over the top rail. This is to help protect the legs and arms of patients who may put their limbs over the top rail. There is no foam in the main part of the protector. If this had a foam insert, then it would not be possible to see through the protector. However the clear plastic will help stop people getting their arms, legs and head entrapped in the bed rails. If they are constantly kicking one section of the Bed Rail Protector, place a pillow inside the protector.


To Fit

Place the protector over the top rail of the bed rail with the three buckle straps on the outside of the bed rail. Tuck the clear plastic down between the side of the mattress and the bed rail. Thread the webbing down under the bottom bar of the bed rail and then attach. Keep some tension on the webbing to pull the side of the Bed Rail Protector down while fastening.


When lowering the bed rails it may be possible to leave the Bed Rail Protector in place. Normally it is easier to completely remove them before lowering the bed rails.

This item may be of interest if you are wondering how to stop patients falling out of bed.

Item # 214CB - Clear

Wipe clean with a hospital grade disinfectant or wash up to 80°C (176°F). Air or tumble dry on a cool setting, ensuring the drum is cool. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

Warning: When Bed Rails are used, it is possible for people to be entrapped between the edge of the mattress and the Bed Rail. This may also happen if a Bed Rail Protector is being used. Entrapment can lead to death, so it is very important to do a risk assessment for the patient and regularly check that they do not manoeuvre themselves into a dangerous position. Please contact us for more information.

SKU: 214CB

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