Walking Sling with Webbing Loops

Walking Sling with Webbing Loops

Unit of Measurement: Each

$282.00 AUD

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Main Features

  • Walking rehabilitation
  • Padded leg straps

It is very good to ambulate patients in a safe way. However it could be dangerous for both patients and Carers to manually hold someone if the patient falls.

The Walking Sling with Webbing Loops can give the patient confidence and security that they will not fall over. The normal overhead hoist can assist the patient to stand. If the patient cannot continue to stand, they will be supported by the sling & hoist.

This item can be used when the person is using a walking frame.

A Padded Sleeve Set is also available. This is a set of 3 pads of different lengths which slide on the existing padded sections. This offers extra padding and comfort.

Safe Working Load: 300kg /660lbs (Weight Tested To 1000kg / 2200lbs, exceeding ISO 10535:2011)

ARTG: 99879

GMDN: 40535

Attachment Method: Metal hook coat hanger type hoists


Item # Size Waist Size Webbing Colour
531XS Extra Small 58cm to 70cm / 23" to 27.5" Brown
531S Small 69cm to 93cm / 27" to 36.5" Red
531M Medium 85cm to 110cm / 33.5" to 43.5" Yellow
531L Large 90cm to 117cm / 35.5" to 46" Green
531X Extra Large 108cm to 133cm Blue

Special sizes made on request.

Materials Available:

Material Photo Type Notes
Standard White
Nylon This is called a solid material, as it is not a Mesh or Netting material that has holes in the material. The Nylon has some slipperiness, to make it easier to slide down behind a patient's back, when they are sitting in a chair.

See the FAQ tab for more information.

Wash up to 80°C (176°F). Air or tumble dry on a cool setting, ensuring the drum is cool. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing. We recommend using a Pelican Washing Bag to help contain the straps. Keep the Hook & Lope Tape section closed when not in use and when washing.

Warning: Inspect slings before every use. If any damage is found the Sling must be withdrawn from service and repaired, if possible.

Disposal: When the Sling is ready for disposal, we suggest the Lifting Straps are cut off, so it cannot be used with another patient.

Sling & Hoist Compatibility: Click here for more information.

Sling Life Expectancy: Click here for more information.

What the International Standard ISO10535:2011 requires for Period Sling Inspections and Sling Labelling: Click here for more information.

Sling Inspection Before Use Checklist: We adopt the SlingSpector checklist. Click here to download.

6 Monthly Thorough Sling Inspection Checklist: We adopt the SlingSpector checklist. Click here to download.

Need Simple Sling Inspections? For the 6 Monthly Inspections we recommend using the SlingSpector platform and app to conduct safe, efficient sling inspections, with consistency across an entire organisation.

Do I need to do Sling inspections?

Yes - See the Important Information tab for more information.


What are the Sling inspection requirements?

See the Important Information tab for more information. We've paraphrased the International Standard 10535:2011 under licence, detailing exactly what is required.


Where can I find the inspection checklists?

See the Important Information tab for more information. We provide the following checklists:

  • Sling Inspection Before Use
  • 6 Monthly Thorough Sling Inspection

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