Sling ID Blank Tags (Pack 20)

Units of Measurement: Pack of 20
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The Sling ID Blank Tags provide a big space where you can write the sling user’s name and other details.

About the Sling ID Blank Tags

These Tags are durable, strong tags, which you can fit to any brand of sling.

The material is soft enough so that if it does touch the skin there are no sharp edges. The material and the fastening mechanism, are also strong enough to stay on a sling during the washing process.

This product can be used in other settings where a washable ID tag is needed.

Sold in packs of 20.

Also available: Sling ID Barcode Tags.


The Tags are intended to stay on the sling permanently, and are therefore required to withstand general sling cleaning. Consequently, excessive chlorine/bleach can damage any material, including sling material. Slings should never be placed directly next to the heat source in dryers, as excessive heat can badly affect the sling and Tag material. If necessary to tumble dry, ensure the drum is cool and the dryer is on a cool setting. Only tumble dry for a minimum time. We do not take responsibility if excessive heat destroys the plastic in the Tag. Variations in washing processes, and the variability of other items in the wash, may mean a Tag becomes detached. A warm tumble dry may curl the edges of the arrowhead, which may contribute to a Tag detaching.