Sling Inspection Tags (40 Pack)

Units of Measurement: Pack of 40

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Main Features

Colour coded tags save staff time tracking down slings.
The ink we use should never fade.
Soft material means that it should not be a pressure concern if accidentally left behind someone being transferred.
Secure fastening mechanism.

The Sling Inspection Tags are fully washable colour-coded inspection tags to help with compliance with the International Standard for Slings and Hoists: ISO 10535: Hoists for the transfer of disabled persons – Requirements and test methods.

Aged and disability care facilities around the world use patient lifting Slings made to the International Standard ISO 10535. As well as stating the requirements for how slings are made and tested, it also contains the requirement to thoroughly inspect Slings every 6 months, or more frequently if recommended by the manufacturer. Even Slings in storage must still be inspected. These inspection records must be maintained. The Sling Inspection Tags help to identify Slings that have been inspected, and contain a note to say when they are due for their next inspection. When looking for Slings that need inspecting, the coloured Tags will make it easier to find the correct Slings amongst all the other Slings.

Because these Tags are rotated every six months, they are sold in packs. One pack consists of 20 Tags for one month, and 20 Tags for the other month (6 months later).

About The Tags

The Tags have been specifically developed to be washable and not deteriorate. They are made from a soft but very strong vinyl-type material.

There are 4 colours and 3 pattern variations:

  • Solid colour
  • Striped colour
  • Dotted colour

This allows an alternate colour to be used every 6 months.

The back of the Tag is intentionally white to help staff identify, for example, a blue Tag on a blue Sling, and it also provides a space for staff to write on the tag if required. We recommend Artline 725 Super Fine Point Permanent Marker, but this may fade during washing.

To Fit

Secure the Tag using the smallest possible option to help prevent the loop catching on anything. The method fixing the Tags to a Sling is very strong. However, it may be possible for a patient or staff member to accidentally or deliberately remove them.

These Tags can be used in conjunction with either:

Registered Design IP Right No 201710101

Item # 5-TAG-JAN-JUL – 20 x January Tags & 20 x July Tags

Item # 5-TAG-FEB-AUG – 20 x February Tags & 20 x August Tags

Item # 5-TAG-MAR-SEPT – 20 x March Tags & 20 x September Tags

Item # 5-TAG-APR-OCT – 20 x April Tags & 20 x October Tags

Item # 5-TAG-MAY-NOV – 20 x May Tags & 20 x November Tags

Item # 5-TAG-JUN-DEC – 20 x June Tags & 20 x December Tags

Testing: The Tags were washed in a commercial washing machine using industrial detergent over 200 times up to 80°C (176°F). They were cool tumble dried as well as being line dried to test for expose to sunlight (UV). The testing showed virtually no loss of quality of both the material and printing. If you do experience any loss of quality, it may be an indication that your Tags have been exposed to a more damaging washing agent than what were tested, in which case the Tags can be replaced.

The Tags are intended to stay on the sling for 6 months, and are therefore required to withstand general sling cleaning up to 80°C (176°F). Consequently, excessive chlorine/bleach can damage any material, including sling material. Slings should never be placed directly next to the heat source in dryers, as excessive heat can badly affect the sling and Tag material. If necessary to tumble dry, ensure the drum is cool and the dryer is on a cool setting. Only tumble dry for a minimum time. We do not take responsibility if excessive heat destroys the plastic in the Tag. Variations in washing processes, and the variability of other items in the wash, may mean a Tag becomes detached. A warm tumble dry may curl the edges of the arrowhead, which may contribute to a Tag detaching.

Warning: Although the Tags are intended to stay on the sling, it may be possible for residents or staff at accidently or deliberately remove the Tags. This should be considered when developing your Sling ID system.