Shoulder Abductor

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The Shoulder Abductor is used to support the shoulder and arm.

The Shoulder Abductor is normally fitted by a Surgeon after a Rotator Cuff operation. The Surgeon can modify it for individual Patients.

The different sizes of the Shoulder Abductor hold the arm at different angles. The Small, Medium and Large sizes refer to the size of the bolster under the arm. The Large size holds the arm high, allowing the elbow to be high. The Small size holds the arm lower, closer to the hip. The Medium size is in between.


To Fit

  1. With either tapered side of the cushion facing upwards, the arm angle will vary depending on the tapered side selected to face upwards. Position the cushion up as high as possible under the affected arm.
  2. Attach the end of the Chest Belt that only has one piece of Hook & Loop Tape on to the front of the cushion. Pass the Belt across the chest, around the back and fasten on to the cushion in front before overlapping the start of the Belt.
  3. Secure the Biceps Cuff to the side of the cushion & fasten around arm to abduct the upper arm.
  4. Fasten the Wrist Cuff around wrist with the buckle hanging down and attach to the front of the cushion.
  5. Fasten the Shoulder Strap to the Chest Strap on the Patient’s back. Pass the Shoulder Strap over the unaffected shoulder and buckle to the Wrist Cuff, adjusting strap as necessary.


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