Reflux Wedge

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The Reflux Wedge is used in a bed to keep the upper part of a person’s body raised at an angle that will help prevent stomach acid backing up into the esophagus and causing gastric reflux (GERD), more commonly known as ‘heartburn’.

  • Keeps the body at an angle to help prevent reflux
  • Firm foam with a soft, cooling Hygroflex top layer
  • Washable, breathable, moisture-wicking cover material
  • Two-piece design to minimise storage space and reduce freight cost
  • Spare cover available, to use while the other cover is in the wash
  • Optional Bag so the Wedge can be transported or stored

This product may also be beneficial in treating: Sleep Apnoea, congestion from colds and flu or other allergies, sinus infections, nasal drip, snoring, shoulder or neck pain, inflammation and swelling, pregnancy heartburn.

The ordering options in the drop-down menu are:

Reflux Wedge
Foam wedge with a washable, breathable, moisture-wicking cover.
Spare Cover The same cover that comes supplied with the Reflux Wedge, so that you can have a spare to use while the other cover is being washed.
Thermoregulating (TR) Insert This Insert goes under the Reflux Wedge cover. The TR material (Phase Change Material) helps keep cold people warmer, and hot people cooler.
Bag Makes it easier to carry the Wedge when traveling. Over-sized to allow space for other accessories and pyjamas, etc.


Warning for Thermoregulating TR Insert:

Highly Flammable Material. Keep away from flames, cigarettes, etc. Store in a cool, dry place away from any potential sources of ignition.

Also available to use with the Reflux Wedge

Non-Slide Bed Pad: Designed to help prevent people from sliding down a Reflux Wedge. Soft foam with a breathable, moisture-wicking nylon cover with convoluted foam in the raised section to aid blood circulation.

Pillow – Adjustable Trisection: Designed to help people position themselves higher up on the Wedge. The three sections can have different amounts of filling for individual people, so they can align their neck with their spine while sleeping on their side or back.



Item 1159
Reflux Wedge
Item 1159C
Reflux Wedge Spare Cover
Item 1159TR
Reflux Wedge Thermoregulating (TR) Insert
Item 1159B Reflux Wedge Bag

Have guidance from your facility’s Infection Control Department as they may override our recommendations.

Reflux Wedge Cover and Bag – Hand or machine wash up to 80°C (176°F). Air dry or cool tumble dry. Ensure product is dry before using or storing.

Reflux Wedge Foam – Spray with a suitable fabric disinfectant. Air dry in shade. Ensure product is dry before using or storing.

Relfux Wedge Thermoregulating (TR) Insert – Hand or machine wash up to 40°C (104°F). Air dry in shade or cool tumble dry. We recommend using a Pelican Washing Bag when machine washing this item to give a longer life, as machine washing can destroy the material faster than using it. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

Due to different sleeping behaviours, weight of people, mattress types, etc., we cannot guarantee this item will be suitable for every single person.