Pillow – Adjustable Trisection

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Using a standard sized pillow with a Reflux Wedge can sometimes lead to a person not being able to position themselves high enough on the Wedge, which reduces its effectiveness in preventing reflux. The Pillow – Adjustable Trisection is designed to enable people to position themselves higher up a Reflux Wedge.

The three sections can have different amounts of filling for individual people. The Hollow-Core Polyester Fibre filling has many benefits, including being able to adjust or remove some of the fibre. It is non-allergenic and is soft and cool next to the head. A normal pillowcase can be placed over the Pillow – Adjustable Trisection.

To Use: The filling is supplied in a separate bag, so the user can fill the three sections to individual requirements. The zip runs along the long edge of the Pillow to make adjusting the filling easier.

For people sleeping on their back, less filling is needed in the middle section, but more filling is needed when sleeping on their side. Experiment with the amount of filling and adjust as necessary.

Also available to use with the Reflux Wedge

Non-Slide Bed Pad: Designed to help prevent people from sliding down a Reflux Wedge. Soft foam with a breathable, moisture-wicking nylon cover with convoluted foam in the raised section to aid blood circulation.

Item 1158

Approx size when filled: 60cm x 30cm (23.6″ x 11.8″)

IP Right Number: 202310867

Have guidance from your facility’s Infection Control Department as they may override our recommendations.

Hand or machine wash up to 80°C (176°F). Do not use chlorine or bleach. The Pillow with the filling inside can be washed as above. Spin dry to remove water. Cool tumble dry, ensuring the drum is cool, or air dry in the shade. Open the zip and place a hand inside to make sure the filling is dry. Ensure the Pillow is completely dry before using or storing.

Note: If the filling becomes uneven during use or washing, it can be rearranged by unzipping the Pillow and plumping up the fibre.