Flame Retardant Kitchen Apron

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The Flame Retardant Kitchen Apron is designed to be worn by kitchen staff to help prevent burns or spitting fat and flame flare-ups.

The front is made from a flame retardant material made in the USA. It is used for a variety of garments in high risk industries. These include shirts, pants, coveralls, jackets, bib overalls, arc flash suits for maintenance & electrical workers and for workers in electric utilities, oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical and ferrous metal industries.

The back is made from open netting material, which is not a fire or flame retardant material. This material is cooler and generally protection is only required at the front.

The Flame Retardant Kitchen Apron has two pockets at the front, and ties on either side.


We carried out some in-house testing with this material. A sample was held over a burning flame for 30 seconds without any noticeable difference to the material. Also, hot dripping fat was dropped on to the material without any significant burning to an exposed arm under the material. Please remember that this test was only for a short period of time. The time transmitted heat could cause injury if the ‘flame test’ or ‘fat test’ was for a longer duration.


This material is not designed for firefighting or any prolonged time in a flame or under hot fat.

Pelican also makes other Fire Retardant products, such as the Smoking Protector.

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Cleaning – Fire Retardant Material: Wash all Fire-Retardant Material products as instructed below before first use. Cold or warm machine wash up to 75°C. Air or tumble dry on a cool setting, ensuring the drum is cool. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

All Proban® treated fabrics are tested to meet Standard EN 531:1995 (50 washes at 75°C) and are certified by Rhodia Consumer Specialties Limited who manufacture the Proban chemical, to maintain their flame retardant qualities for 50 washes, as long as the correct laundering procedures are followed.Independent tests of Proban-treated garments have passed the flammability test after 100 to 150 washes.

Further information is available from the Proban® website: https://bit.ly/2ZOeRAR

Some important considerations when laundering Fire Retardant fabric

  • Proban fabrics are thoroughly tested for flame retardant performance and durability to washing however, if the material is not laundered correctly it can fail flammability tests after a few washes.
  • Proban treated articles may be washed in any conventional washing machine using a cold or warm wash, up to  75°C. Use the non-colour fast machine setting.
  • Regular washing will help prevent soiling build up. A pre-soak of up to two hours may help for heavily soiled items.
  • Use synthetic detergents only (e.g. Cold Power, Drive, Spree, Dynamo, FAB, Biozet, Radiant, Castle, OMO, Surf, etc.).
  • Do not wash Proban garments in traditional soap powders as these types of soaps (Lux, Advance, Velvet, etc.) can form flammable deposits that may affect the fabrics flame retardant qualities.
  • Never use hypochlorite based bleaches (e.g. White King, Domestos, and other supermarket blends) as they will attack the Proban finish and can reduce its flame retardant properties.
  • Garments can be tumble dried, however to avoid shrinkage, take care not to over-dry.

The following information is taken from Proban’s website

Proban fabrics have been widely adapted by The U.K. National Health Service, Private Nursing Homes, and Network rail. All Proban fabrics meet the requirements:

  • Proban fabrics meet the performance requirements of BS 7175: 1989 Section 3.
  • Prior to testing, all Proban fabrics are washed 200 times in accordance with BS 5651 Hospital Laundry Procedure Normal.

(Source: www.solvay-proban.com/en/applications/domestic/bedding)

Comfortable and lightweight Proban fabrics do not cause skin sensitisation and/or irritation on the wearer’s skin. Proban fabrics are ideal for manufacture of flame retardant sleepwear for retail and contract markets. Key features of the Proban fabrics include:

  • High level of stability.
  • Does not hydrolyse on long term storage.
  • Durability after 50 washes.

(Source: www.solvay-proban.com/en/applications/domestic/sleepwear-and-nightwear)