Face Shield

Units of Measurement: Each

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The Face Shield is used to help prevent the transfer of infection diseases, such as Coronavirus/COVID-19.

The material other manufacturers use for making Face Shields is in short supply and the plastic is difficult to obtain. We are using a more flexible material so they are not the same, but will give similar protection. The material we use is like the clear plastic blinds used at some outdoor restaurants. The material is clear but it may be difficult to read small print through it.

It is also available with a Neck Protector which can be tucked into some clothing to give extra protection.

We have tested the Face Shield for fogging, and it does not normally steam up, and reading glasses or most goggles also remain clear.

Adjustable Elastic Head Band

It is very important to have a comfortable fit to stop slipping, and prevent it being too tight.

Can be wiped with medical grade disinfectant or machine washed.

Staff can write their name on the forehead band for identification. This helps if other people do not recognise you if wearing multiple PPE.

As the Shield can be folded it may be possible to be kept in a large pocket on trousers. When storing several in a warehouse, the Shields take up less space compared to a solid plastic shield design.
We may be able to customise the design for your requirements. Please email sales@pelicanmanufacturing.com.au for more information.


Note: Face Mask not included.

Item # 9200 – Face Shield

Item # 9201 – Face Shield with Neck Protector

The Face Shield can be wiped with a hospital grade disinfectant and wiped dry and air dried in shade. Test your cleaning agent in a discreet area of the product to ensure it does not damage the material.

Alternatively undo the elastic from the buckle and hand or machine wash up to 80°C. Do not tumble dry.

After washing, re-thread the elastic into the buckle. Test that it is correctly threaded by pulling on the elastic to make sure it does not slip through the buckle. Note the ridges on the buckle that the elastic will rest on when pulled tight.

Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

Note: Surgical face mask not included.

This product is not guaranteed to prevent the possibility of infection to the wearer.

Note: Face Mask not included.