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Inspection and Repair to Slings Service

Pelican has been designing and manufacturing patient lifting slings for over 25 years. Our slings comply with Australian and International Standards, and can be used on most brands of lifting hoists.

Due to the increasing demand for us to inspect and repair both Pelican and non-Pelican Slings, we have now introduced an 'Inspection Fee'. This covers the time required to fully inspect the sling for:

  • Material safety
  • Workmanship
  • Stitching
  • Inspecting any previous repairs done on the sling
  • General wear and tear

Pelican often receives other manufacturer’s slings to repair, which leads us to believe that other manufacturers refuse to repair their own slings. We feel this is unfair to the customer, because it may be perfectly safe to do a repair on the sling, rather than forcing the customer to purchase a new sling. We work out the repair charge based on what repairs need to be done to the sling.

From time to time we inspect slings and have reason to condemn them not to be used. We make this decision for the safety of the user. Unfortunately we still need to inspect the sling before making this decision, so we still need to charge the Inspection Fee.

Minimal repairs may be done to slings without charging a Repair Fee. This will be decided by our repair staff when they inspect the sling.

Our staff may contact our customers to get a purchase order number for the inspection and/or repair.

Although we may repair a sling, it is important to remember that the original sling material will continue to deteriorate and the sling will not be 'as new' after the repair work.

We hope you are satisfied with Pelican’s inspection and repair service.

If you would like to enquire about this service please FreeCall 1800 641 577 or email us.

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