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From: $86.00 AUD

From: $86.00 AUD
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The Smoking Protector is designed to help prevent burns if a person drops a cigarette while smoking.

The person will still need constant observation. Make sure that a cigarette is not dropped on the floor. Also make sure the smoker does not drop it beside their hip while sitting. Even if the cigarette does fall onto the Protector it could roll off the lap, then down next to the patient’s legs and the side of the chair. If a cigarette does remain on the patient’s lap, the temperature may be 400C / 725F* on the side and 580C / 1076F* in the middle of the burning cigarette. This may heat up any clothing the person is wearing under the Smoking Protector. Nicotine or scorch marks may appear if the burning cigarette is not quickly removed within a few seconds.

Standard or Wide Widths

Item 228 – Standard size is 81cm (L) x 52cm (W) and does not cover the arms of the chair.

Item 228S with Side Flaps is 81cm (L) x 98cm (W) which is about 46cm / 18″ wider than the Standard, to fold over the arms of a chair. This helps prevent a cigarette falling between the seat and the arm of the chair, or next to the person’s leg.

To Use

Wear the Smoking Protector like an apron. Fasten the strap behind the neck, then tie the side tape around the person’s back. Tie with a bow that will be easy to undo.

The Material

A variety of garments use this Flame Retardant material from the USA in high risk industries. These include shirts, pants, coveralls, jackets, bib overalls, arc flash suits for maintenance & electrical workers and for workers in electric utilities, oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical and ferrous metal industries.

Reference: Test Certificate No Z 3519/08-4658/08 for EN ISO 11611:2007-10, class 2.

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Item # 228 РStandard - 81cm (L) x 52cm (W)
Item # 228S РWith Side Flaps - 81cm (L) x 98cm (W)

Registered Design IP Right Numbers 201612176, 201612177

Wash the Smoking Protector as instructed below before first use. Cold or warm machine wash up to 75°C. Use synthetic detergents only. Never wash the Smoking Protector in traditional soap powders or hypochlorite based bleaches. Air or tumble dry on a cool setting, ensuring the drum is cool. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

Do not rely on the Smoking Protector to prevent fires. Smoking should only be allowed outdoors. Always keep smoking patients under close observation in case they drop the cigarette.

Do not restrain patients while they are smoking. If they do drop a cigarette between their hip and the side of the chair, it may be necessary to quickly stand them up to retrieve the cigarette.

If the burning tip of a cigarette is held against the Smoking Protector it will burn a hole in the material. We have had reports of some patients deliberately doing this, just to see if the Protectors will catch fire. The Protectors did not catch fire but there is a possibility of setting fire to the clothes worn under the Protector. We repeat our warning that patients must be supervised when smoking.


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