Elbow & Wrist Showering Sling

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The Elbow & Wrist Showering Sling is designed to help patients who need to wear an arm sling while being washed.

The Sling is made from nylon reinforced vinyl material and has a special foam padding. The vinyl is easy to wipe dry so that patients do not need to put on a cold wet sling. The padding helps to make the Sling more comfortable on the patient’s uncovered skin.

To Fit

Place the sewn loop over the affected arm, around the elbow area. Pass the main length of the Sling behind the patient’s back and diagonally up and over the unaffected shoulder. Note the Pelican name label behind the patient. This should be seen on the outside of the Sling. The Sling should then be looped around the patient’s wrist and the Hook & Loop Tape fastening secured in position, once again with the Pelican name label on the outside. In many cases, the adjustable wrist loop can be left secured to the Hook & Loop Tape fastening and simply adjusted to fit individual patients. After fitting, always ensure that the sling is correctly supporting the elbow and wrist.

Comfort Tip

On a cold morning, it may be beneficial to pre-warm the Sling. You can wet it with warm water and dry with a towel before fitting it. The Pelican Shower Chair Cape (sold separately) can be worn by a patient wearing the Elbow & Wrist Showering Sling, so that the arm is supported while the patient is being moved from bedroom to shower room and back again.

Item # 625
Wash up to 80°C (176°F). Air or tumble dry on a cool setting, ensuring the drum is cool. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

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