Wheelchair Rain Cape

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The Wheelchair Rain Cape is a lightweight, water-repellent nylon cape. It is designed to give good protection to people when sitting in wheelchairs, and is useful for outdoor excursions.

There is a draw-cord for the hood so it can be securely fitted around the face, and it has a leg and foot protector.

In use, the front of the cape is placed over the patient’s knees; the sides of the cape are positioned outside the wheelchair arms; and the back of the cape is pulled over the pushing handles so that the rain will run off the patient and not go down inside the chair. At the front of the cape is the leg and foot protector.

For sizing see the Technical tab.

To Use

Undo the three Hook & Loop Tape straps and unfold. Place over the head and fit around the wheelchair. The elastic strap should be fitted under the footplates. At the back of the cape is another elastic strap that can be fitted around the two pushing handles. This prevents the Cape blowing up over the shoulders.

The person in the wheelchair can propel the wheelchair keeping their arms and hands dry. The sides of the Cape can hang outside the wheels. If the chair is being pushed by a Carer, the cape sides can be left between the chair arms and the wheel. On electric wheelchairs the cape should cover the controls and in many cases, an activity tray as well. After use and when the Cape is dry, the hood can be turned inside out, to tuck the Cape back into the hood. The folded cape will be small enough to carry in the wheelchair next to the patient.

wheelchair rain cape dimensions


Item # Size Details Back Length Side Length Front Length
297 Small Infant’s Stroller-Type Push Chair 60cm / 24″ 82cm / 32″ 90cm / 35″
296 Medium Child’s Electric & Manual Chair 66cm / 26″ 82cm / 32″ 90cm / 35″
295 Large Adult Electric & Manual Chair 73cm / 29″ 86cm / 34″ 96cm / 38″
298 Extra Large Adult Electric & Manual Chair 77cm / 30″ 93cm / 37″ 101cm / 40″

Wash up to 80°C (176°F). Air or tumble dry on a cool setting, ensuring the drum is cool. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

I have an electric wheelchair – which size should I get?

Because electric wheelchairs are generally bigger than normal wheelchairs, you would want the extra large size. This will be big enough to cover all the controls on the wheelchair arm.