Thermoregulating Pillowcase – 4-Way Stretch

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The Pelican Thermoregulating (TR) Pillowcases are specially designed for people who may not be able to control their body temperature. It may help some people with hyperhidrosis, menopause, or a proprioceptive condition, including sensory processing disorder, autism, or ADHD.

These Pillowcases are made from a 4-way stretch Outlast™ material, comprising of polyester and Spandex with a silicone coating containing Phase Change Material (PCM) capsules. The material has a soft feel, a little like a silk fabric, but not as slippery. The Pillowcase has a concealed zip to keep the opening closed.

TR Material contains micro-encapsulated Phase Change Materials, and was first developed to help astronauts maintain their body temperature. It allows heat from the body to escape, or if the body is getting cold, it traps the warmth.

To Use: Simply undo the zip and place the TR Pillowcase over the pillow and do the zip up. If desired, another normal pillowcase can be placed over the TR Pillowcase to match other pillows or bed sheets. The TR quality will still help control temperature, even though it has a poly-cotton cover over the TR material.

Due to Infection Control, this item is non-returnable.

Note: Pillow not included

Item # 9431-B (Black material)

Item # 9431-W (White material)

Size: 48cm x 70cm / 18.8″ x 27.5″

Hand or machine wash up to 40°C (104°F). We recommend using a Pelican Washing Bag when machine washing this item to give it a longer life. Air dry in shade or cool tumble dry. If ironing is required, turn inside-out and use a warm iron only. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

WARNING: Highly Flammable Material. Keep away from flames, cigarettes, etc. Store in a cool, dry place away from any potential sources of ignition.

We have included a Fire Hazard Warning label to remind people to not smoke near the Pillowcase or expose it to naked flames.