Thermoregulating Duvet Cover Insert

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The Thermoregulating Duvet Cover Insert is designed for people who may who not be able to control their body temperature when sleeping. The Duvet Cover may sometimes be known as a quilt or doona. The reason people may not be able to control their body temperature may be due to a number of reasons that may include:

  • A reaction to medication
  • Menopause
  • A physical disability that prevents someone from removing the bed blankets
  • A personal condition such as a form of hyperhidrosis, etc.

About the Thermoregulating (TR) Material

TR Material contains micro-encapsulated Phase Change Materials (PCMs), and was first developed to help astronauts maintain their body temperature. The material should help to ‘keep cool people warm’ and ‘keep warm people cool’. The material allows heat from the body to escape, or if the body is getting cold, it traps the warmth. Many people who are undergoing cancer treatment such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy may benefit from the cooling material.

To Fit

Lay the Duvet flat on the bed. Then lay the Thermoregulating Duvet Cover Insert over the Duvet. Tuck the corners of the Duvet into the cross section of the Miracle Grip that is sewn across the corners. Then put the normal duvet cover over the duvet, making sure the corners remain tucked into the Miracle Grip.

When placing the duvet back on the bed, ensure that the side with the Thermoregulating Material is facing down.


As the reason why people perspire can vary a lot, we cannot guarantee the TR Material will work for everyone. We are unable to accept the items back for credit if they do not work, because of cross infection.

Highly Flammable Material. Keep away from flames, cigarettes, etc. Store in a cool, dry place away from any potential sources of ignition.

The Thermoregulating material is a delicate material that wears out more quickly than other materials. See the Important Information tab for more information.

Would you like a sample?

Due to infection control, we are unfortunately unable to offer returns on this product. However, you are welcome to Contact Us to request a free sample of the Thermoregulating Material. We will send you a small sample to try out, roughly 15cm x 15cm / 6″ x 6″, to anywhere in the world, while stock lasts. We hope this will help you make the decision if this product is right for you.


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Item # Item Name Sizes (cm) Sizes (“)
Item # 942S TR Duvet Cover Insert – Single 140 x 210 55 x 82.5
Item # 942KS TR Duvet Cover Insert – King Single 180 x 210 71 x 82.5
Item # 942D TR Duvet Cover Insert – Double 180 x 210 71 x 82.5
Item # 942Q TR Duvet Cover Insert – Queen 210 x 210 82.5 x 82.5

Hand or machine wash up to 40°C (104°F). Air dry in shade or cool tumble dry. Use a Pelican Washing Bag when machine washing this item to protect the material and to collect any residue that may come off during washing. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

General Warning: Be aware that this item may mask the effects if someone does get an infection. Always check with a medical therapist that this item will be suitable.

Material Warning: The Thermoregulating material is a delicate material that wears out more quickly than other materials. The wear can be due to normal use, as well as the washing process.The material can stretch and distort, so the material opens between the rows of the Thermoregulating cells. This looks ugly and will increase in size over time. Despite the damage, the Thermoregulating qualities should still help people control their temperature. To help prevent this damage, always use a large washing bag, such as the Pelican Washing Bag, when washing the product. The washing bag is designed to help protect the material from getting damaged with other items in the washing machine, and from being directly next to the drum and agitators in the machine. Remember that except for the Thermoregulating Slippers, the material should never be directly next to the person’s body when in use. The person should never lie directly on or under the Thermoregulating Material, as this can damage the material.

Warranty: All Thermoregulating products have a 3 month repair or replacement warranty, providing the product is washed in a washing bag.