T-Roll Leg Straps

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The T-Roll Leg Straps are used with the T-Roll to help keep the patient’s legs in position while they sleep. If the Straps are not used, there is a possibility that the T-Roll can be dislodged during the night if the patient moves.


To Fit

1. Firmly secure the two Horizontal Straps around the ends of the horizontal part of the Roll, with the two black plastic loops on top. The double Hook & Loop Tape fastening loop makes a very secure closure.

2. Firmly secure the Top Strap around the Vertical section of the T-Roll so the two Leg Straps align with the plastic loops on the horizontal section.

3. When the patient’s legs are in position on the T-Roll, do up the Leg Straps. Attach by threading them through the plastic loops and use Hook & Loop Tape to fit. It may not be necessary for the straps to be tight enough to touch the patient’s legs. They should still be able to move a little. The straps will stop the legs coming completely off the roll.

Note: If the Leg Straps do get dislodged during the night, it will be an indication that the patient has been very restless. They may need some help to settle down.


Item # Size To Fit
Item # 190-STRAPS-XS Extra Small Extra Small Size T-Roll
Item # 190-STRAPS-S Small Small Size T-Roll
Item # 190-STRAPS-M Medium Medium Size T-Roll
Item # 190-STRAPS-L Large Large Size T-Roll

Wash up to 80°C (176°F). Air or tumble dry on a cool setting, ensuring the drum is cool. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.